Orbital in Conversation Episode 141 – with Matt Hawkins, Andres Salazar & Christian Beranek!

Following last week’s SDCC extravaganza with Nick & Zack Keller, Chris Emgard, Man Vs. Rock, Phil Kim and Jason Lenzi (which you can still listen to here), I’m back with another jam-packed episode featuring Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Tales Of Honor), Andres Salazar (Pariah, Missouri) and Christian Beranek (Validation) at San Diego Comic-Con International!
First up I chat with Matt at the Top Cow booth; then meet with Andres in the Small Press aisles; and finally catch up with Christian for a long-overdue chat at the pub. It’s a wonderful and varied series of talks with as much depth as we could manage in the time we had.
And never fear, you can still enjoy the Pop Culture Hound back-catalogue right here, as we continue to put out the same quality interviews and discussion with Orbital in Conversation going forward. It’s only gonna get better, folks!
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