Orbital Director’s Commentary – Mark Buckingham on Fairest! [Audio]

Hello and welcome to Orbital In Conversation – the podcast of Orbital Comics in central London! We’re very excited to join the team at Multiversity Comics as not only are they an excellent group of people, but they share a similar level of taste and sensibility … It’s going to be a good fit. For these first two weeks we’ll be double-shipping episodes, so you can get a bit of a feel for us.
As a long-term comics fan – and events manager at Orbital Comics in central London – it’s always fun to do something more than just your average signing. Meeting a creator and having them sign your stuff is all well and good, but I really love the little things that happen in between … The anecdotes and stories creators share while people are in line or waiting at their table.
It got me thinking: what if there was a way to do that and provide a framework wherein people could talk about what went into the making of a book? And so, the Orbital Directors’ Commentaries were born! We’ve since had the pleasure of hosting Chip Zdarsky to discuss Howard The Duck, Mike Carey talking about The Unwritten, and Becky Cloonan discussing her work on Gotham Academy.
In our most recent commentary, Mark Buckingham led us on a guided tour through the creation of the final Fairest story arc (collected as Volume 5), The Clamour For Glamour. Mark discussed what it was like writing for another artist (Russ Braun) – sharing stories, revealing secrets, and giving the kind of insight you couldn’t get anywhere else.
And, in case you missed it a couple of weeks ago, you can hear more about Mark’s miraculous career in this lengthy interview we conducted over a couple of pints. So enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for future Orbital Director’s Commentary nights!
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