Orbital Comics to Stock Modern Ditko

Here at Orbital, we’re beyond proud to announce that we are now stockists of the modern comic books of Steve Ditko, from SD Publishing.

You may have heard rumours on the comics grapevine that Mr. Ditko continues to make comics, and we’re thrilled to put the proof before your very eyes. A selection of his most recent works, produced in 2016, 2017 and even this year, we’re offering the latest issues of four different series. These black and white comics carry superior production values, and feature no adverts, with each issue stuffed to the brim with original content. These are not comics to be read in five minutes and chucked aside, they will demand that you sit with them and reflect on what’s in front of you. You might find you return to them, more than once.

The four titles we have available comfortably straddle genres with the grace of an incomparable, expert and singular professional at the helm.

Mr. A #24: The legendary objectivist archetype who first appeared in Wally Wood’s Witzend magazine in 1967, Mr. A derives from Ditko’s earlier Charlton comics character The Question. The stern-faced avenger also serves as one of the threads from which Gibbons and Moore’s Rorschach is sprung. With the clear philosophy that A = A, Mr. A is the most relentlessly consistent hero imaginable. If you thought Batman had a strict moral code…

Ditko 32s #26: The latest installment in a series of 32-page single issues, offering uncanny short tales of the everyday, superheroics, crime stories, and philosophical reflections. A master of dense panel layouts, Ditko’s modern work has also evolved to include more expansive and abstract artistic innovation. Varied and always interesting.

Murder #22: Ditko continues to produce and re-invent horror and crime stories, just as he did through the 1950s before he began to move towards science fiction and superhero work in the decades which followed. Coherent and concise, great comic book stories.

Out of This World #20: Continuing the numbering from the original sci-fi Charlton book of the late 1950s, this series offers tales just as wild as you’d expect from the originator of all of the core conceits of Doctor Strange. Weird and wonderful.

Steve Ditko stands as one of the most unique voices in all of comic book publishing history. He worked as a professional through the 1950s with a number of publishers, before going on to pioneering work for both Marvel and DC Comics through the 1960s and beyond. He has worked in the mainstream as well as the underground, his work marked by its distinctive energy and integrity wherever it’s been found. If you don’t know him, he’s best known for creating the characters and world of Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange.

Ditko’s craft continues to be beyond reproach, and he packs his work with challenging thematic explorations. As he has apparently always insisted, he is the work, and the work speaks for itself. These modern books are a reminder that comics can, and indeed should be much more than just stories. Even if the values and philosophies at work don’t resonate with you personally, Ditko is no lazy contrarian, and his work resists harmful carelessness. These aspirational pieces lift not only the rational mind, but the spirit too.

These comics are available in-store as of today, Wednesday 16th of May 2018. Please do get in touch if you’d like to make any reservations. We can’t imagine they’ll linger on our shelves for very long.

Adam Karenina Sherif