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Hello, and welcome to the second new podcast joining The Orbiting Pod & In the Orbit Of in the Orbital Comics Podcast Network – Frame by Frame!

Frame by Frame will be the new place to hear our in depth reviews of the latest film & TV releases based on, or drawing from the world of comics!

In our debut episode, Paul, Liz, & Robin talk about the latest release from Marvel & 20th Century Fox; Logan.

Set some time in the future, Logan features an ageing Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) looking after an ailing Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart).
In a time when no new mutants have been born in over 20 years, the are the last of an endangered species. Their off-the grid existence is thrown into turmoil when Logan has the reluctant task of taking a young girl called Laura (Dafne Keen) to North Dakota, to a mythical safe haven for their kind.

The crew saw Logan at Cineworld Leicester Square, home to the West End’s only IMAX screen, and you can book tickets to see Logan here!

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