Off the Wall – An Orbital Exhibition Guide: Beyond 2000AD with Jason Atomic & Strictly Kev

off the wall

And so, we reach the final of our new podcast reveals!

Welcome to Off the Wall – An Orbital Exhibition Guide.

Since our initial move to Great Newport Street and the launch of our Exhibition space, we’ve had the delight of sharing many varied & brilliant gallery shows with you. Until now, this experience has been limited to those fortunate enough to visit the store itself.

We are now proud to publish what we hope will be the first in a long line of Exhibition Guides. Each Guide will be hosted by the curator, a member of Orbital staff, or a relevant knowledgable individual. We’ll be presenting these as downloadable podcasts, as well as posting a video with images from the exhibitions on Youtube.

In this episode, Jason Atomic & Strictly Kev talk us through “Beyond 2000AD – The Broader Cultural Impact of The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic”.

Featuring memorabilia, original artwork, and pieces from the ever expanding influence of it’s 40 year history, join us as we showcase this thrill-power overloaded exhibition!

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