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To celebrate the infernal follow-up to last year’s Satanic Mojo Comix, Jason Atomic and a host of artists will be signing from 7.30pm. The exhibition then runs until May 30.
After 149 episodes and countless specials, The Orbiting Pod is celebrating Episode 150 LIVE! Don’t miss this opportunity to see Chris, Robin, Adam & some very special guests in action.

With seven successful volumes and their upcoming debut on comiXology, Aces Weekly are coming to Orbital for their first ever in-store signing with David Lloyd, David Hine & friends from 5pm.

Legendary Crow creator James O’Barr and Marvel Comics legend Michael Golden join forces with writer/editor/colorist Renee Witterstaetter for a rare signing from 5pm.


On Episode 149 of The Orbiting Pod, we rebuild with The Six Million Dollar Man #2, discover the goggles do nothing with Solar: Man of the Atom #1, double down with Simpsons Comics #211, slash the silver screen with The Auteur #2, play Russian Roulette with Hulk #1, make some Revelations with Genesis, and much more!

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STAFF PICKS – WEEK OF 23/04/2014

Taylor’s Pick: Original Sin #0 / Mark Waid (w) / Jim Cheung (a) (Marvel) / Marvel

Liz’s Pick: Elektra #1 / W. Haden Blackman (w), Michael Del Mundo (a) / Marvel

Ryan’s Pick: Conan The Avenger #1 / Fred Van Lente (w) Brian Ching (a) / Dark Horse Comics

Chris’ Pick: Donald Duck: Trail of the Unicorn / Carl Barks (w/a) / Fantagraphics

Camila’s Pick: Over Easy / Mimi Pond / Drawn & Quarterly

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NEW COMICS – WEEK OF 30/04/2014

Dark Horse
Blackout #2
Captain Midnight #10
Furious #4
King Conan Conqueror #3
Pariah #3
Serenity Leaves On The Wind #4
Star Wars Rebel Heist #1
Vandroid #3

DC Comics
Adventures Of Superman #12
Batgirl Annual #2
Batman 66 #10
Batman Beyond Universe #9
Batman Eternal #4
Batwoman Annual #1
Flash Annual #3
Forever Evil Aftermath Batman Vs Bane #1
Green Lantern New Guardians Annual #2
He Man And The Masters Of The Universe #12
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two #4
Scribblenauts Unmasked Crisis Of Imagination #4
Vertigo Quarterly #1 Cyan

Ghostbusters #15
GI Joe #15
Judge Dredd Mega City Two #4
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #18
Transformers More Than Meets Eye #28 Dawn O/T Autobots
V-Wars #1
X-Files Season 10 #11

Black Science #4 2nd Ptg
Black Science #6
Chew #41
Deadly Class #4
Dream Police #1
Egos #4
Elephantmen #56
Image Firsts Alex + Ada #1
Image Firsts Black Science #1
Image Firsts Deadly Class #1
Image Firsts East Of West #1
Image Firsts Lazarus #1
Image Firsts Manifest Destiny #1
Image Firsts Pretty Deadly #1
Image Firsts Rat Queens #1
Image Firsts Sex Criminals #1
Image Firsts Velvet #1
Image Firsts Zero #1
Sex Criminals #5 2nd Ptg
Southern Bastards #1
Starlight #1 2nd Ptg
Tales Of Honor #2
Ten Grand #9
Umbral #6

All New X-Men #26
Amazing Spider-Man #1 Anmn
Avengers #28
Avengers Ai #12
Avengers World #5
Disney Kingdoms Seekers Of Weird #4
Hulk #2 Anmn
Marvel Previews May 2014
Ms Marvel #1 3rd Ptg Pichelli Sketch Var Anmn
Ms Marvel #1 3rd Ptg Pichelli Var Anmn
New Avengers #17 Anmn
Origin Ii #5
Silver Surfer #2 Anmn
Uncanny Avengers Annual #1
What If Age Of Ultron #5
Wolverine #5
X-Force #4

2000 Ad Prog #1879 £2.45
Adventure Time 2014 Annual #1
Atomic Robo Knights O/T Golden Circle #1
Bad Dreams #1
Battlestar Galactica #10
Battlestar Galactica Six #1
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #223
Doc Savage #5
Garfield Pet Force 2014 Special
GFT Wonderland Asylum #4
GFT Wonderland Clash Of Queens #3 (Aofd)
Grimm #12
Hacktivist #4
Haunted #1
Hup #3 Crumb Comics Ed
Hup #4 Crumb Comics Ed
Jughead & Archie Double Digest #1
Loki Ragnarok & Roll #3
Mega Man #36
Rachel Rising #25
Rush Clockwork Angels #2
Sanitarium #1
Shadowman End Times #1
Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #1 2nd Ptg
Uber #12

DC Batman Auto Fig Mag #35 Batman & Robin Vol 2 #5
DC Superhero Chess Fig Coll Mag #59 Zatanna
Heavy Metal #268 £5.99
Marvel Fact File #57
Previews #308 May 2014

Graphic Novels and Collected Editions
28 Days Later Omnibus TP Vol 01
Absolution TP Vol 02 Rubicon
Alabaster Grimmer Tales HC
Alice In Comicland HC
All New X-Men Prem HC Vol 04 All Different
Asterix Omnibus Sc Vol 07
Atomic Legion HC
Atomic Robo TP Vol 08 Savage Sword Of Dr Dinosaur
Bart Simpson To The Rescue Gn
Batman Superman HC Vol 01 Cross World (N52)
Boxer True Story Of Holocaust Survivor Harry Haft Gn
CBLDF Presents Liberty HC
Climate Changed Personal Journey Gn
Darkstalkers Off Comp Works Sc
Deadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll TP Vol 03
Doctor Grordbort Pres Triumph HC
Elephantmen 2260 TP Book 01
Flex Mentallo Man Of Muscle Mystery TP
Gft Quest TP
GI Joe Idw Collection HC Vol 04
Iron Man TP Vol 02 Secret Origin Of Tony Stark Book 1
Jericho TP Season 4
King Conan TP Vol 03 Hour O/T Dragon
Lone Ranger TP Vol 07 Back East
Marvel Zombies TP Complete Collection Vol 02
Mercy Sparx TP Vol 02
Mesmo Delivery 2nd Edition HC
MMW Captain America TP Vol 03
Modesty Blaise TP Vol 24 Young Mistress
Plume TP
Pretty Deadly TP Vol 01
Secret TP Vol 01 Never Get Caught
Sidekick TP Vol 01
Skybreaker TP
Suicide Squad TP Vol 04 Discipline And Punish (N52)
Superman Batman TP Vol 01
Thunder Agents Classics TP Vol 03
Vampirella TP Vol 05 Mothers Sons & Holy Ghost
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris TP Vol 05
Wolverine And X-Men By Jason Aaron TP Vol 08
X TP Vol 02 Dogs Of War
X-Men TP Vol 02 Muertas

Attack On Titan Vol 12
Bleach Vol 60
Bunny Drop Vol 10
Cardfight!! Vanguard Vol 01
Cardfight!! Vanguard Vol 01 Special Ed
Dragonball Full Color Vol 02
Flowers Of Evil Vol 09
Higurashi When They Cry: Festival Accompanying Arc Vol 04
Hobby Japan Apr 2014
Inu X Boku Ss Vol 03
It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular Vol 03
Magi Vol 05
Naruto Vol 65
Ni0 Art Works Nishi Alluring Figures HC
Nura Vol 20
Otodama Voice From The Dead Gn Vol 02
Rage Of Bahamut Off Art Works Sc
Say I Love You Vol 01
Umineko When They Cry Ep 3: Banquet O/T Golden Witch Vol 2
Vinland Saga Vol 03

Arrow Oliver Queen Deathstroke Af 2 Pack
Avengers Infinite Series Af Asst 201401
DC Comics New 52 Teen Titans Kid Flash Af
DC Comics New 52 Teen Titans Superboy Af
DC Comics New 52 Teen Titans Wonder Girl Af
DC Comics Super Villains Bizarro Af
DC Comics Super Villains Deathstorm Af
DC Comics Super Villains Johnny Quick & Atomica Af
DC Comics Super Villains Owlman Af

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