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Due to popular demand, the CULT exhibition has been extended until the end of the month.

To celebrate the infernal follow-up to last year’s Satanic Mojo Comix, Jason Atomic and a host of artists will be signing from 7.30pm. The exhibition then runs until May 30.

After 149 episodes and countless specials, The Orbiting Pod is celebrating Episode 150 LIVE! Don’t miss this opportunity to see Chris, Robin, Adam & some very special guests in action.

With seven successful volumes and their upcoming debut on comiXology, Aces Weekly are coming to Orbital for their first ever in-store signing with David Lloyd, David Hine & friends from 5pm.

Legendary Crow creator James O’Barr and Marvel Comics legend Michael Golden join forces with writer/editor/colorist Renee Witterstaetter for a rare signing from 5pm.


On Episode 148 of The Orbiting Pod, we punch in with Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1, ride the gamma waves with Silver Surfer #1, hack it with Lumberjanes #1, pop up with Detective Comics #30, buckle up for Flash Gordon #1, focus in on Shutter #1, slip between the cracks with Doop #1 and much more!

You can listen to it here or subscribe to the podcast on itunes.

STAFF PICKS – WEEK OF 16/04/2014

Chris’ Pick: Genesis / Nathan Edmondson (w), Alison Sampson (a) / Image Comics

Thomas’ Pick: B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Lake of Fire / Mike Mignola/John Arcudi (w) Tyler Crook (a), Dave Stewart (c) / Dark Horse

Liz’s Pick: The Superior Spider-Man #31 / Dan Slott (w), Giusppe Camuncoli (a) / Marvel

Camila’s Pick: Basewood / Alec Longstreth / Phase Seven Comics

Karl’s Pick: Raygun Roads (Pulp Edition) / Owen Johnson (w), Indio (a) / Changeling Studios

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Okay, everybody, I hope you’re having a great Easter Monday, and that your week-end was good, because we have a couple serious things to talk about today. This well-argued criticism of a proposed DC launch cover, from critic Janelle Asselin, generated a response that began as defensive, and developed into full-blown misogyny. It’s easy to shrug and say “trolls gonna troll”, but perhaps this incident is closer to a tipping point, as suggested by the wealth of commentary it’s generated, from Ulises Farinas (in two parts), from Comics Alliance (whose advice is pretty on the nose: don’t be a fake geek guy), and numerous other sources excellently gathered by The Comics Reporter. So last week there was a lot of talk. Let’s hope this week is about thought, and maybe every week after can be about people taking positive personal actions. Just not this one.

Alright, on the sunnier side of gender relations and parity in comics, there’s insight over at Wired (hot week for them) on the importance of the Carol Corps, courtesy of Rachel Edidin, while Laura Hudson gave Sex Criminals the attention it deserves. And a positive, go anywhere, do anything comic to put the sparkle in your smile? Well, look no further than Natalie Nourigat’s travelogue! It’s awesome.

Comics Oscars time! The Eisner nominations were announced, leading to accusations of neglect, the predictable CBR puff-piece, and a typically balanced Multiversity take. If you think the Eisners run on a Usual Suspects-type process, then check out the Inkwell awards. Small world, comics, apparently. It could leave you at your wit’s end, but to save you, here’s a generous peek at Witzend, coming soon (but not soon enough!) from Fantagraphics.

WonderCon happened again, and the CBR directory of coverage is here, with the announcement of even more Artist’s Editions to come. There’s something here about how arcs/titles people don’t normally speak of often become special, coveted even, when they’re available in this format, almost as if this was the only way people could really appreciate the art. Is the rise of the artist’s edition a parallel to the fall of the marquee artist? Do they say something about the mainstream/superhero comics market’s fetishisation of visual art in contrast to its commoditisation of writing comics? Either way, for our money, Linework sounds like the place to be this time next year! After all, it’s co-founded by Study Group’s own Zack Soto, and by the way, have you heard the word about Study Group 3D? The word is GOOD.

Talking alt-comix for a minute, Oily’s Spring season looks slick, while the FP blog shares a sweet preview of how awesome the new Owen Johnson comic is (you know, that guy who was part of our latest exhibition?), and Zainab wants you to know that NoBrow #9 should be in your stack if you like pictures, art, paper, or colours.

Does this remind anyone else of Black Science #1, but with less eye-boggling art, and more fun? While questions are flying, this “Multiversity” thing that bald Scotsman is rabbiting about… will it actually ship? And have you ever encountered the Brothers of Blood?

We end with proof, if it were needed, that Bendis’s best work is his Tumblr.

NEW COMICS – WEEK OF 23/04/2014

Dark Horse
BTVS Season 10 #2
Conan The Avenger #1
Eltingville Club #1
Halo Escalation #5
Mass Effect Foundation #10
Massive #22
Mind MGMT #21
Star Wars Legacy Ii #14
Tomb Raider #3
Witcher #2

DC Comics
All Star Western #30
Aquaman #30
Batman Eternal #3
Batman Superman #9
Batman Superman #9 Combo Pack
Catwoman #30
Dead Boy Detectives #5
Flash #30
Justice League Dark #30 (Evil)
Justice League United #0 (Evil)
Justice League United #0 Combo Pack (Evil)
Larfleeze #10
Mad Magazine #527
Red Lanterns #30
Secret Origins #1
Superman #30 (Doomed)
Teen Titans #30
Teen Titans Go #3

24 #1
7th Sword #1
City The Mind In The Machine #3
Danger Girl Mayday #1
GI Joe A Real American Hero #201
Indestructible #5
Popeye Classics Ongoing #21
Rogue Trooper #3
Star Slammers Remastered #2
Star Trek Ongoing #32
Thunder Agents #7
TMNT Ongoing #33
Transformers Robots In Disguise #28 Dawn O/T Autobots

Dead Body Road #5
Deadly Class #2 2nd Ptg
Deadly Class #3 2nd Ptg
Five Ghosts #11
Fuse #3
Ghosted #9
Lazarus #8
Manhattan Projects #20
Mice Templar Iv Legend #9
Protectors Inc #6
Saviors #4
Sheltered #8
Shotgun Wedding #4
Skullkickers #26
Sovereign #1 2nd Ptg
Sovereign #2
Thief Of Thieves #20
Undertow #3
Walking Dead #117 3rd Ptg
Walking Dead #126
Zero #7

All New Invaders #4
All New X-Men #23 2nd Ptg Keown Var Anmn
Avengers Undercover #3 Anmn
Captain Marvel #1 2nd Ptg Lopez Var Anmn
Daredevil #2 Anmn
Dexter Down Under #3
Elektra #1 Anmn
Fantastic Four #2 2nd Ptg Kirk Var Anmn
Fantastic Four #3 Anmn
George Romeros Empire Of Dead Act One #4
Guardians Of Galaxy #12 2nd Ptg Deodato Var Anmn
Guardians Of Galaxy #14
Iron Patriot #2 Anmn
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #25 Syu
Ms Marvel #2 2nd Ptg Mckelvie Var Anmn
Original Sin #0
Powers Bureau #9
Savage Wolverine #17
Superior Spider-Man #30 2nd Ptg Camuncoli Var Anmn
Superior Spider-Man Team Up #12
Thunderbolts #25
Uncanny Avengers #19 Anmn
What If Age Of Ultron #4

2000 Ad Prog #1878 £2.45
All New Soulfire #4
Ash & The Army Of Darkness #6
Betty & Veronica #270
Black Feather Falls Book Two SC £3.95
Bravest Warriors #19
Bunker #2 2nd Ptg
Bunker #3
Crossed Annual 2014
Crossed Badlands #52
Day Men #3 (2nd Ptg)
Duffman Adventures #1
Eternal Warrior #8
Evil Empire #2
Fathom Kiani Vol 3 #2
Game Of Thrones #20
Gft Code Red #5 (Aofd)
Gft Helsing #1
Gft Wonderland #22
Gravel Combat Magician #3
Harbinger #22
Herobear And Kid Saving Time #1
Lady Rawhide #5
Letter 44 #6
Midas Flesh #5
Peanuts Vol 2 #17
Penny For Your Soul Death #6 (Of 7)
Phoenix Comic #119 £2.99
Robotech Voltron #3
Shadow Now #6
Sherlock Holmes Moriarty Lives #3
Sonic The Hedgehog #259
Uber #11
Uber #9 War Crimes Cvr
Vamplets Undead Pet Society #1
Warlord Of Mars #35
Westward #7
X-O Manowar #23 2nd Ptg (Ah)

Graphic Novels and Collected Editions
Books Of Magic TP New Ed
Brilliant Prem HC Vol 01
Deadman TP Vol 05
Distant Soil TP Vol 02 The Ascendant
Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Omnibus TP Vol 01
EC Archives Weird Fantasy HC Vol 01
Frank Thorne Red Sonja Art Ed HC
Garth Ennis Battlefields HC Vol 03
Green Lantern HC Vol 04 Dark Days (N52)
Green Lantern TP Vol 03 The End (N52)
Magic The Gathering TP Vol 04 Theros
MMW Amazing Spider-Man HC Vol 16
Over Easy HC
Planet Of The Apes Cataclysm TP Vol 03
Rocketeer Spirit Pulp Friction HC
Savage Wolverine TP Vol 01 Kill Island
Secret Avengers TP Vol 03 How To Maim Mockingbird
Someplace Strange HC
Steed & Mrs Peel TP Vol 03
Street Fighter Classic HC Vol 03 Psycho Crusher
Thor By Walter Simonson TP Vol 05
TMNT Adventures TP Vol 07
Vampirella Archives HC Vol 09
Walt Disney Donald Duck HC Vol 05 Trail O/T Unicorn
X-Files Season 10 HC Vol 02
X-Men Legacy TP Vol 04 For We Are Many
X-Men Origin Story Yr HC

Comic Heroes Magazine #23
Dc Batman Auto Fig Mag #34 Arkham Asylum Video Game
Marvel Chess Fig Coll Mag #9 Venom
Marvel Fact File #55
Marvel Fact File #56
Marvel Gn Coll Vol 62 Son Of M HC
Marvel Mightiest Heroes Vol 09 Iron Man HC

Dc Comics Supergirl Artfx+ Statue New 52 Ver
Marvel Universe Af Asst 201401
Street Fighter Chun-Li Bishoujo Statue
Tekken Tt2 Jun Kazama Bishoujo Statue

Animal Land Vol 09
Art Of Wind Rises HC
Bloody Brat: A Blood Lad Anthology Vol 01
Bride Of The Water God TP Vol 15
Dawn Of The Arcana Gn Vol 12
Dmc Devil May Cry Visual Art SC
Gantz TP Vol 31
Gurren Lagann Art Works SC
Love In Hell Gn Vol 02
Megami Jan 2014
Newtype Jan 2014
Shonen Jump Pack 2014 #2
Soulcalibur New Legends Of Project Soul SC
Toriko Vol 21
What Did You Eat Yesterday? Vol 01

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