New Comics – Week of 20/12/2017

Dark Horse
Angel Season 11 #12
Empowered & Sistah Spooky’s High School Hell #1
Hellboy Krampusnacht #1
Joe Golem Occult Detective Flesh & Blood #1 (of 2)
Sherlock Frankenstein & Legion of Evil #3 (of 4)
Tomb Raider Survivors Crusade #2 (of 4)

DC Comics
Aquaman #31
Batman #37
Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #2 (of 6)
Batwoman #10
Bombshells United #8
Dark Nights Metal #4 (of 6)
Future Quest Presents #5
Green Lanterns #37
Harley Quinn #33
Injustice 2 #16
Justice League #35
Mad Magazine #549
Nightwing #35
Super Sons #11 (Sons of Tomorrow)
Superman #37 (Sons of Tomorrow)
Teen Titans Go #25
Trinity #16
Wild Storm #10
Wonder Woman Conan #4 (of 6)

30 Days of Night #1 (of 6)
Assassinistas #1
Comic Book History of Comics Comics For All #1
Donald & Mickey Treasure Archipelago
Haunted Horror #31
Optimus Prime #14
Orphan Black Deviations #6 (of 6)
Rom & The Micronauts #1 (of 5)
Star Trek New Visions The Hunger
TMNT Universe #17
Transformers Till All Are One Annual 2017
Wormwood Gentleman Corpse Christmas Special

Angelic #4
Copperhead #17
Curse Words Holiday Spec #1 (One Shot)
Dark Fang #2
Evolution #1 2nd Ptg
Evolution #2
Family Trade #3
Genius Cartel #5 (of 5)
Hard Place #5 (of 5)
Horizon #17
Invincible #143
Realm #4
Redlands #5
Rockstars #8
Spread #24

America #10 LEG
Champions #15 LEG
Daredevil #595 2nd Ptg Torque Var LEG
Deadpool vs Old Man Logan #3 (of 5)
Defenders #8 LEG
Doctor Strange #383 LEG
Generation X #85 LEG
Guardians of Galaxy #149 LEG
Incredible Hulk #711 LEG
Luke Cage #168 LEG
Marvel Two-in-One #1 LEG
Mighty Thor #702 LEG
Monsters Unleashed #9 LEG
Moon Knight #188 2nd Ptg Sienkiewicz Var LEG
Ms Marvel #25 LEG
Old Man Logan #32
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #298 LEG
She-Hulk #159 2nd Ptg Fegredo Var LEG
Spider-Gwen #27 LEG
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #15
Star Wars Poe Dameron #22
Tales of Suspense #100 LEG
True Believers Phoenix Presents Jean Grey vs Sabretooth
True Believers Phoenix Presents Wedding Summers & Grey
Uncanny Avengers #30 LEG
Venom #159 LEG
X-Men Gold #18 LEG
X-Men Grand Design #1 (of 2)

Actionverse Ongoing #4 Stray
Adventure Time Comics #18
All New Classic Archie Your Pal Archie #5
Backways #1
Bettie Page #6
Betty And Veronica Vixens #2
Big Trouble in Little China Old Man Jack #4
Catalyst Prime Accell Vol 2 #2
Catalyst Prime Summit #1
Centipede #5 (of 5)
Dark Ark #4
Dr Radar (Statix) #2
Eternal Thirst of Dracula #1
Fence #2
GFT Grimm Tales of Terror Vol 03 #11
Harcourt Legacy #2 (of 3)
Jim Henson Storyteller Fairies #1 (of 4)
Judge Dredd Megazine #391
Kong On Planet of Apes #2
Land that Time Forgot from Earths Core #3
Lazaretto #4 (of 5)
Made Men #4
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #22
Miraculous Adventures Ladybug Cat Noir #4
Ninja-K #2
Quantum & Woody (2017) #1
Riverdale Digest #5
Shadow #5
Sink #3 (of 5)
Steam Wars Holiday Special #3
Steam Wars Strike Leader #3
Street Fighter Reloaded #3 (of 6)
The Beautiful Death (Statix) #4 (of 5)
The Chair #4 (of 4)
Torchwood The Culling #3 (of 4)
Trespasser #4 (of 4)
Unholy Grail #5
Vampirella #9
Wicked Righteous #3 (of 6)
Wonderful World of Tank Girl #2
Wrapped Up #3
Zombie Tramp Ongoing #42

2000 AD GN Coll Vol 09 HC Nemesis The Warlock
Alter Ego #150
Back Issue #102
DC Comics GN Coll Vol 62 Jla Act of God
Marvel Fact Files #249
Marvel Fact Files Classic Special #5 Thor
Marvel Fact Files Classic Special #6 Wasp
The Legends of Batman GN Coll Vol 1 HC Zero Year

Graphic Novels and Collected Editions
24 Legacy Rules of Engagement TP
All New Guardians of Galaxy TP Vol 02 Riders in Sky
Batgirl The Bronze Age Omnibus HC Vol 01
Batman Arkham Jokers Daughter TP
Batman Detective TP Vol 04 Deus Ex Machina (Rebirth)
Black Hammer TP Vol 02 The Event
Cosmic Scoundrels TP
Courier TP Vol 01 Through the Ashes
Deadly Class TP Vol 06
Deadpool Classic TP Vol 20 Ultimate Deadpool
Disney Princess Comics Coll TP Vol 03
Dragonseed HC
Everafter TP Vol 02 Unsentimental Education
George Perez Storyteller 35th Annv Ed HC
Green Lanterns TP Vol 04 The First Rings (Rebirth)
Grrl Scouts Magic Socks TP
Hawkeye Kate Bishop TP Vol 02 Masks
Hero Cats HC Vol 01
Hillbilly TP Vol 02
Invincible Iron Man Ironheart Prem HC Vol 02 Choices
Judge Dredd Classics Dark Judges TP
Justice League vs Suicide Squad TP (Rebirth)
Monsters Unleashed TP
My Little Pony Cutie Map TP
New Teen Titans TP Vol 08
Rick and Morty Vol 06 Some Morty to Love
Runaways TP Vol 08 Dead End Kids New Ptg
Scooby Doo Team Up TP Vol 04
Secret Weapons TP Vol 01
Spider-Man Brand New Day Complete Collection TP Vol 04
Star Trek New Adventures TP Vol 04
Street Fighter Unlimited TP Vol 01
Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers TP Vol 01
Super Street Fighter Omnibus TP
Superb TP Vol 01 Life After the Fallout
Superman Batman TP Vol 06
Teen Titans The Silver Age TP Vol 01
Tekken Vol 01
Totally Awesome Hulk TP Vol 04 My Best Friends Are Monsters
Unbelievable Gwenpool TP Vol 04 Beyond Fourth Wall
Wolverine By Daniel Way Complete Collection TP Vol 03
Wonder Woman The True Amazon TP
Z Nation TP Vol 01

Independent Graphic Novels
Everywhere Disappeared (Koyama)
Moomin and the Brigand (D&Q)
Out of Nothing HC (Nobrow)
Tales from the Hyperverse (Retrofit Comics)
Trumptrump (Retrofit Comics)

A Strange and Mystifying Story Vol 01
Akame Ga Kill Zero GN Vol 06
Angels of Death GN Vol 01
Aoharu X Machinegun GN Vol 08
Assassination Classroom Vol 19
Asterisk War Light Novel SC Vol 05
Astra Lost in Space Vol 01
Attack on Titan No Regrets Colour HC
Baccano Light Novel HC Vol 06
Bungo Stray Dogs GN Vol 05
Captain Harlock Vol 02
Castle in the Sky Picture Book
Children of the Whales Vol 01
Death March Parallel World Rhapsody GN Vol 04
Devilman Grimoire Vol 01
Dragons Rioting GN Vol 09
Flying Witch 4
Goblin Slayer GN Vol 01
Graineliers GN Vol 01
Haikyu!! Vol 18
Hana & Hina After School Vol 03
High School Dxd GN Vol 10
Hobby Japan Dec 2017
How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend GN Vol 08
I’m Not Popular GN Vol 11
Irregular at Magic High School Light Novel SC Vol 06
Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Novel SC Vol 10
Kagerou Daze GN Vol 08
Kiniro Mosaic GN Vol 05
Konosuba God Blessing Wonderful World GN Vol 05
Konosuba Light Novel SC Vol 04
Kuroko’s Basketball Vol 09 [17/18]
Magical Girl Raising Project GN Vol 01
Magical Girl Special Ops Vol 01
Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Chan GN Vol 11
One Piece 3-in-1 Edition Vol 22
One Week Friends GN Vol 01
Platinum End Vol 04
Plum Crazy! Tales Cat Vol 03
Pokémon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Vol 05
Pokémon X•Y Vol 12
Pokémon X•Y Complete Box Set
Promised Neverland Vol 01
Re Zero Sliaw Chapter 2 Week Mansion GN Vol 04
Re:Monster Vol 03
Requiem of the Rose King Vol 07
Rokka Braves of Six Flowers Light Novel SC Vol 03
Rose Guns Days Season 3 GN Vol 02
Saga of Tanya Evil Light Novel SC Vol 01
School Live GN Vol 09
Seven Princes Labyrinth Vol 04
Shiver HC
Shomin Sample Vol 07
Smokin Parade GN Vol 03
So I’m a Spider So What GN Vol 01
Sword Art Online Calibur GN
Sword Art Online Novel SC Vol 12 Alicization Rising
Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School GN Vol 01
That Time I Reincarnated Slime SC Light Novel Vol 01
There’s a Demon Lord Vol 04
Tokyo Ghoul:Re Vol 02
Trinity Seven 7 Magicians GN Vol 11
Youth Romantic Comedy Wrong Expected GN Vol 07
Yowamushi Pedal GN Vol 07