NEW COMICS – 20/07/2011

Dark Horse

Conan The Barbarian Mask Of Acheron
Doctor Solar Man Of Atom #7

DC Comics

Batman #712
Batman Gates Of Gotham #3 (of 5)
Cinderella Fables Are Forever #6 (of 6)
Dc Retroactive Batman The 70s #1
Dc Retroactive The Flash The 70s #1
Dc Retroactive Wonder Woman The 70s #1
Dc The New 52 #1 Preview Book
Dc Universe Online Legends #12
Deus Ex #6 (of 6)
DMZ #67
Flashpoint Deadman And The Flying Graysons #2 (of 3)
Flashpoint Legion Of Doom #2 (of 3)
Flashpoint The Outsider #2 (of 3)
Flashpoint Wonder Woman And The Furies #2 (of 3)
Hellblazer #281
Justice League Of America #59
Legion Of Super Heroes #15
Power Girl #26
Spirit #16
Supergirl #66
Superman Batman #86
Thunder Agents #9
Tiny Titans #42
Titans #37
War Of The Green Lanterns Aftermath #1 (of 2)
Zatanna #15


Duke Nukem Glorious Bastard #1 (of 4)
Gi Joe A Real American Hero #168
Gi Joe Vol 2 Ongoing #3
Locke & Key Clockworks #1 (of 6)
Snake Eyes Ongoing (Idw) #3
Transformers Ongoing #22


Shinku #2


Avengers #15 Fear
Avengers Academy #16 Fear
Captain America Corps #2 (of 5)
Daredevil #1
Fear Itself Deadpool #2 (of 3) Fear
Fear Itself Fearsome Four #2 (of 4) Fear
Fear Itself Ff #1 Fear
Fear Itself Home Front #4 (of 7) Fear
Generation Hope #9
Herc #5 Fear
Hulk #37 Fear
Invincible Iron Man #506 Fear
Iron Man 2.0 #7 Fear
Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine #2 (of 4)
Skaar King Of Savage Land #5 (of 5)
Spider-Island Spotlight
Thor Heaven And Earth #1 (of 4)
Ultimate Comics Fallout #2 (of 6) Dosm
Uncanny X-Men #541 Fear
Venom Flashpoint #1
X-Factor #222
X-Men #15


2000 Ad #1743 £2.25
Boys Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker #1
Cyclops #5
Grimm Fairy Tales #61
Judge Dredd Megazine #313 £5.49
Red Sonja Revenge O/T Gods #5 (of 5)
Sergio Aragones Funnies #1
Simpsons Comics #180
Sonic Universe #30
Warlord Of Mars #8
Zeke Deadwood Zombie Lawman #2 Hammer In My Hand


Classic Marvel Fig Coll Mag #154 Wrecker
Dc Blackest Night Fig Coll Mag #11 Deathstorm
Dc Blackest Night Fig Coll Mag #12 Jade
Dc Superhero Fig Coll Mag #88 Starman
Juxtapoz #127 Aug 2011 £4.50

Graphic Novels and Collected Editions

Angel Omnibus TP Vol 02
Art Of Lady Death SGN HC Vol 01
Blackest Night Black Lantern Corps TP Vol 01
Blackest Night Black Lantern Corps TP Vol 02
Bleedout HC
Captain America Art Of Captain America HC
Classic Gi Joe TP Vol 12
Daken And X-23 Prem HC Collision
Deadpool Pulp GN TP
Edge Of Doom TP
Enders Game Speaker For Dead Prem HC
Esoterra The Journal Of Extreme Culture
Essential Punisher TP Vol 02 New Ed
Fraggle Rock HC Vol 02
Incredible Hulks TP Planet Savage
Jericho TP Season 3
Joe Simon Man Behind The Comics HC
Kim Harrison Hollows GN Vol 01 Blood Work
Marvel Point One TP
New Mutants Classic TP Vol 06
Old City Blues HC
One Soul HC GN
Onslaught Unleashed HC
Overstreet Comic Bk Pg Sc Vol 41 Supergirl & Batgirl
Overstreet Comic Bk Pg Sc Vol 41 Thor
Ray Harryhausen Presents Sinbad Rogue Of Mars TP
Secret Avengers TP Vol 01 Mission To Mars
Spider-Man Am I An Avenger TP
Steve Rogers TP Super-Soldier
Supergods: Our World In The Age Of The Superhero
Thor Black Galaxy Saga TP
Thunderbolts TP Violent Rejection
Welcome To Tranquility One Foot In The Grave TP
Wolverine Wolverine Vs X-Men Prem HC
X-Men Steve Rogers HC Escape From Negative Zone


Arisa GN Vol 03
Big Adventures Of Majoko GN Vol 05 (of 5)
Black Butler Vol 06
Black God Vol 13
Death Note Black Ed TP Vol 04
Fairy Tail GN Vol 14
Good Luck Yukikaze Sc Novel
Highschool Of The Dead Vol 03
Hobby Japan May 2011
Kekkaishi 3-In-1 Ed Vol 02
Kimi Ni Todoke GN Vol 09 From Me To You
La Quinta Camera GN Vol 01
Laon Vol 06
Mameshiba On The Loose GN
Meet Mameshiba GN
Neo Magazine #87
Ninja Girls GN Vol 06
Ooku Inner Chambers GN Vol 06
Pandora Hearts Vol 06
Prince Of Tennis GN Vol 42
Rampage Of Haruhi Suzumiya Novel
Rampage Of Haruhi Suzumiya Novel HC
Shugo Chara GN Vol 11
Skip Beat TP Vol 24
Stepping On Roses GN Vol 06
Twin Spica Vol 07
Ultimate Muscle GN Vol 29


Ac 4 White-Glint Fine Scale Model Kit
Batman Return Bruce Wayne Ser 1
Muv-Luv Alt Total Eclipse Shiranui 2nd Scl Mdl Kit


Flashpoint Wonder Woman T/S
Motu Bold Skeletor Blk T/S
Motu Retro Logo Blk T/S
Thundercats Half Monotone Collage Blk T/S
Thundercats Icons Red T/S
Wonder Girl Symbol T/S
Wonder Woman Dash T/S


Wolverine And Black Cat Claws 2 By J Lisner Poster

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