Need To Know . . . #65

Before you do anything else, bookmark this for Wednesday. Or if you must spoil the surprise for yourself, then go here. And keep your peepers peeled for this.

Something else to look forward to: Diversity at DC! Seriously, DC are really trying, you guys (and gals). No, really. Meanwhile Marvel make progressive history (in small steps), and Jim Rugg shows everyone how its done. It’s all a far cry from this. Fun times. While we’re waxing nostalgic, do you know Russ Heath like you oughta? And remember that time when Herbie the Love Bug’s Nazi cousin had it out with Cap?

At the risk of sounding mean, you know its a slow week when people are discussing anything Chuck Dixon wrote, but they were, with greater clarity and depth than maybe the piece deserved, while the work in question even got the New Yorker‘s attention.

Paul Pope live-action short, anyone?

If you, like us, missed ELCAF, you can still shop like you were there, even the PEOW stuff from those crazy Swedes! It would be remiss to comment on ELCAF without giving props to NoBrow, too.

Paul Gravett sees a rich August crop a’comin’, though he may not be to everyone’s taste. More generally, here are some words on singles and creator-owned comics: if it is creator-owned and you like it, pay for it.

Comics, how do you read yours?

And this week’s Tumblr recommendation: Sam Hiti.

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