Musics and Comics


Starting in a few weeks, Orbital is very excited to announce a series of events we are calling Musics and Comics. There has always been a strong link between these two arts, and with this little season we want to celebrate that communion.

Starting things off on Friday the 14th of October, Marine are introducing a new song cycle they have written based around the Fables series of comic books. Following on from that, on Sunday the 23rd of October, noise beast KSDS will be performing live as part of our In Orbit Exhibition – a performance called Sky Rider of the Spaceways.

Moving on into November, to mark the launch of the legendary Satanic Mojo issue 4, we have a return appearance from the Tentakles of Kutulu, who previously performed a live soundtrack at the store. A mere 8 days later, we host a launch night for a couple of new releases from the Stars, Dots and the ” New ” Junk label, namely comic The_Activity, which is soundtracked by Osmiroid. Also that evening is the launch of the group Knives‘ difficult second album The Way People Are, featuring a rare live performance by the group. Closing out November, on Saturday the 26th, DIY punk night Bring Your Own Banjo puts on an acoustic evening here at Orbital, including local yokels, th’sheridans and more TBC…

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