Mister Miracle: A Brief History

Mister Miracle is a character created by Jack Kirby as part of his Fourth World saga. Inspired by fellow comic artist Jim Steranko’s former life as a professional escape artist, Mister Miracle a.k.a. Scott Free is the ultimate Houdini. Hailing from New Genesis and the first-born son of ruler Highfather, he was ‘traded’ for Orion, son of Darkseid, in order to bring an end to the eternal war raging between the polar societies of New Genesis and Apokolips, a peace that lasted only as long as both boys remained under the charge of their respective foster fathers.

First Great Escape

Thrown into Granny Goodness’ orphanage, the young Mister Miracle was given the name ‘Scott Free’ as a joke, belittling him and his constant attempts to escape from the orphanage and as Apokolips itself. Eventually though, it became a name that he wore un-ironically and with self-deprecating humour.

During his suffering and captivity, Scott met his future wife, one of Darkseid’s enforcers and Granny’s favourite pupil, Big Barda. She was immediately taken with the indomitable will of the young man who was indeed finally able to escape Apokolips, fleeing to the planet Earth where he wandered before coming across Thaddeus Brown, the remarkable Mister Miracle, Escape Artist EXTROADINAIRE!

MM and BB

Scott watched helplessly as Thaddeus Brown was mercilessly gunned down by the organised crime syndicate Intergang. Promising revenge Scott took on the mantle of Mister Miracle and became a superhero on Earth, soon joined by Big Barda and Thaddeus’ steadfast friend and danger engineer Oberon in his battle to protect the planet from the evil of Darkseid.

It’s during this time that Scott meets Thaddeus’ young protégé, Shilo Norman whom Scott aids and takes under his wing much as the original Mister Miracle did sharing with him and Oberon the secrets of Apokoliptian technology. Eventually Scott and Oberon joined the Justice League of America (then International) fighting all manner of villains, from Manhunters to Manga Khan, his arch nemesis(..?)

Scott Meets Thadeous

Meanwhile, Barda decided that since they were both living on Earth then they should acclimate and thus, the mightiest of all of Darkseid’s warriors, the leader of the Female Furies, a woman who can go toe-to-toe with Superman, and a name to be feared throughout the cosmos – Barda became a housewife, insisting on cooking dinner for her husband and looking after their home together in the sleepy suburbs.

Although her look is based on the model turned actress Lainie Kazan, Barda’s personality and her relationship with Scott is based on Roz Kirby, Jack’s wife and partner who was a fixture at comics events and was as much a personality to the fans as the King himself.

Eventually Barda got bored of the peaceful life and went off and created her own team of Female Furies to lead, this time a professional wrestling group. Barda and her Furies were a successful team, until she got bored again and joined Scott in returning to New Genesis where he ruled as the new Highfather.


And then Barda died. Permanently. And then she came back to life in time for all of the New Gods to be killed off, and brought back to life as…shades? At some point thereafer, the dreaded New 52 finally got ahold of them – at which point something uninspiring and boring happened I’m sure.

And that just about brings us up to speed for the new series of Mister Miracle by King and Gerads. Strap in.