In the Orbit Of – Beast Wagon, with Owen Michael Johnson & John Pearson

beast wagon

Hello & welcome to In The Orbit Of, the new interview podcast from Orbital Comics.

This month saw the conclusion of Beast Wagon, a five-issue series from the creative team of Owen Michael Johnson, John Pearson & Colin Bell.

Set at Whipsnarl Zoo in the middle of a heatwave, a new arrival heralds a primal disturbance amongst its animal population, in a tale of disturbing black comedy horror, best described as “Animal Farm on acid”

Owen & John, the book’s writer & artist joined Robin & Adam to talk about the constant evolution of the book over its run, the pros & cons of using Kickstarter to launch a series, how the trade waiting mentality affects small press, the themes touched upon in the book including xenophobia & abuse in many forms, and much more.

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