After a long and successful run (extended due to popular demand) the Hail to the King! exhibition has sadly left the gallery walls of Orbital Comics in London.

To commemorate the closing, and to celebrate the man himself, we hosted a very special panel at the end of last month to discuss the life and legacy of Jack ‘The King’ Kirby.

Chaired by comics impresario Paul Gravett, the panel featured a who’s-who of comics luminaries, including Charles Hatfield (The Kirby Collector), Jason Atomic (Hail to the King! exhibition curator), David Hine (The Bulletproof Coffin, Detective Comics), Garry Leach (MarksmenMarvelman), Ed Hillyer (aka ILYA), and Mike Lake.

The result was a poignant tribute unlike anything seen before on this side of the Atlantic. It truly demonstrated the extent of Kirby’s influence, and how his work remains just as vital now as it was back then.

This is particularly pertinent in light of Marvel’s recent ‘win’ over the Kirby Estate, and the subsequent appeal the Estate has filed. While an adequate resolution may be far away, it’s nice to see just how many people are still touched by Kirby’s work today.

For those who weren’t able to attend, or who would like to revisit the discussion at their leisure, the audio for the evening is now available as a very special episode of the Orbiting Pod.

Orbital was also proud to be featured alongside artist Jason Atomic in a brief write-up for the Kirby Museum in this month’s issue of The Jack Kirby Collector.

If you’d like to say your own Hail to the King! then you might consider taking out a subscription with the Kirby Museum. For just $40 a year you can help support the great work being done to catalogue and preserve The King’s legacy. ‘Nuff said.

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