Graveyard Orbit #2 Launch & Signing – March 11


John-Paul Kamath, writer of Graveyard Orbit will be venturing out into the sunshine and then back into the cooling and serene darkness of London’s Orbital Comics for a launch signing of the second issue on Wednesday March 11th (11am-2pm & 4pm-7pm).

This has several benefits for you:
– The first 12 customers who purchase Graveyard Orbit #2 from Orbital get a free limited edition print.

-You can get your copy signed for free by the writer (if he gets hit by car leaving the store and you have a signed copy it goes up in value a whole 50p).

-We’ll have special deal all day for buyers of both Graveyard Orbit #2 and Graveyard Orbit #1.

-You can observe a comics writer at a safe distance and see firsthand the ruinous health that writing comics brings about (perfect for parents who want to dissuade their kids from pursuing a creative endeavor).

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