Welcome to the second in our series of audio commentaries for Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy!

This time, we dive into the movie that brought all this about, The Dark Knight! Building on the characters and events in Batman Begins, this is one of the few comic-book sequels to transcend and better it’s original film, giving us a villain that truly challenges the hero on both a psychological and philosophical level.

To watch along with us, simply download or stream the audio from our website or iTunes and follow our cues to get the movie at the right spot. Then, simply push play on your DVD, Blu-Ray or Digital Download, starting the movie when instructed and you’ll hear Paul talking to you about the movie, the comics that inspired it and how the film was created.

The movie should be cued up to the first black screen just as the film starts, or to the first glimpse of the Warner Bros logo. If you’re watching the movie on your laptop, we suggest downloading the commentary from iTunes to your ipod or mp3 player first. For best results, we recommend either lowering the volume on the movie enough so that the commentary is loud and clear on your headphones, or just listening to the commentary through one ear. You may also wish to switch on the subtitles for dialogue cues throughout.

We hope that you enjoy this. We’re going to release the commentary for the last of the Nolan Bat-films, The Dark Knight Rises very soon and depending on the feedback we get from you, the audience, we may do more of these in the future!

You can let us know what you thought of this podcast by emailing me,, and you can hear the commentary for the first Nolan Batman movie by clicking this link. If you like these commentaries, you check out our regular comic-book movie & TV podcast here or check out our comics review podcast here.