How does one start a standing order?
You can start a standing order in store or by email (info@orbitalcomics.com) by giving us a list of the titles you’d like us to put aside for you as well as your contact details.

Once you have started a standing order, your comics will be put aside for you each week at the back counter of the store. You can also opt to have your comics sent out to you in the post.

Will Orbital buy my old comics?
Yes, we regularly buy in comics collections.

Whether or not we would be interested in yours will depend on the titles, age and condition of the comics in question, though we encourage you to email or telephone us with a list of what you’d like to sell at info@orbitalcomics.co.uk or on 0207 240 0591.

How often are new comics released?
New comics and manga are released each and every Wednesday.