Staff Picks – Week of 22/05/2019

Faithless #2
Brian Azzarello (w), Maria Llovet (a)
Boom! Studios

Scott says: On the off chance that Faithless #1 passed you by, stop reading this, go and buy it (in person, from Orbital Comics, of course) then swing back to this review. That’s not because Faithless #2 is unreadable without the juicy plot points of the first issue – though they help, naturally – but because this is a series you don’t want to miss a single panel of, it’s that well drawn and sublimely paced.

I’ll make no claims to be an expert on The Divine Comedy, nor am I particularly well-versed in the Classics. So when met with ‘an erotic depiction of faith, sex, and the devil in the tradition of the divine comedy’, I was a tad apprehensive. Yet, in both the first issue and even more so in this second issue, I was met with so much intrigue, so much atmosphere, that all worry washed away. Azzarello’s crafting a series that is obviously shooting for some lofty concepts, but it’s in the small, tender moments of this issue that the deftness of his craft is illuminated. When paired with Llovet’s tremendous line art and the sultry, moody colour palette, the atmosphere of this issue is palpable, the heightened and intriguing sense of suspense amplified beyond the first issue’s impressive reach.

While not necessarily an issue I’d recommend as the ideal jumping on point nor a totally accessible issue having not read anything prior, it’s a supremely impressive follow-up from a series that genuinely leaves my mouth agape in the least of sexy ways with every issue’s climax.

Sun Yifei

Will says: Purely by aesthetic alone, this comic will steal your heart. Four mini comics are packaged together in this transparent box. Each unfolding in a concertina manner, revealing a short A and B story about a caterpillar. My favourite part being an unique sticker attached to the back of each comic. There’s something so warming about the DIY nature of this set of comics, that just holding this in your hand will make you want to own this piece of art.

Sun Yifei’s drawings are cute and charming, simplistic, but powerfully expressive and really convey a sense of magic. I’m not really sure how to do this comic justice without showing pictures, so please gaze at this beauty for yourself here. And while you’re there, I encourage you all to check out Yifei’s other fantastic illustration work!