Staff Picks – Week of 03/04/2019

Jesusfreak HC
Joe Casey (w), Benjamin Marra (a), Brad Simpson (c)
Image Comics

Mattia says: “This is not a religious story. If you want spiritual insight, read the Bible,” claims the two authors of the epic graphic novel, published by Image.

Early days of the first century, Judea, a young Nazarean named Jesus is wondering around in a world full of violence. He know he is not like other people but he doesn’t know the reasons. Get ready to embark in a legendary tale of kicks and punches in search of the absolute truth.

I’m a big fan of Casey and Marra, two of the most lysergic authors in the world of comics. If you haven’t read any of their stuff, go and get them now!

The War of the Realms #1
Jason Aaron (w), Russell Dauterman (a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says: At last, the epic battle that Jason Aaron’s Thor run has been building up to all along is here! War of the Realms #1 does a seamless job of introducing non-Thor readers to the concept and bringing them up to speed, while roping in the Avengers, the Punisher, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Daredevil to help protect the last realm standing, Midgard (or as we mere mortals refer to it, Earth!). A great first issue that reinforces how much I love Jason Aaron’s Thor, and his storytelling in general!