Don’t Miss This Week’s ‘Space Dumplins’ Signing & Commentary with Craig Thompson!


We have a lot of great events here at Orbital Comics (I should know as the Events Manager) but this week’s Craig Thompson Signing & Director’s Commentary is shaping up to be something extra special.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Craig when the book came out and I was impressed with the thought that had gone into it. Which is why, when we discussed a signing, I wanted to have him do a commentary as well.

Most commentaries involve us projecting a PDF of the book on a screen while the creator talks through it, but this week I was sent an original slideshow presentation that Craig has created for the night … and wow – a lot of work has gone into this!

Craig has assembled the book exactly as he wants it – interjecting pages with scans of the original art, as well as comics he made as child which serve as the foundation for the story. It’s an impressive display, and I can’t wait to hear him expand on it.

And that’s why I’m writing this post … We don’t normally do extra blog posts for events, but we only have a limited number of tickets for the Commentary – which are available free with the purchase of Space Dumplins – and I would hate for people to miss out.

Space Dumplins is a great all-ages book, so even if you already have a copy you can grab one and give it to a someone special – it’s worth it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Wednesday is going to be a special night, so don’t caught out!

You can pre-order a copy of the book (and secure a ticket for the night) right here: