Ditko Wave 3

Like most, here at Orbital we were saddened to hear of the passing of one of comics and all of pop culture’s truest, most singular innovators and originators this past June. Steve Ditko made it a point that any consideration of him should be through his work, that it’s the work that matters. In this spirit, we’re thrilled to be bringing in another wave of modern Ditko works from the excellent SD Publishing.

In this offering we feature two titles from very different ends of the Ditko spectrum!

Konga #25: The latest release from Ditko & Snyder, and that’s all you’re getting on this one!

The Avenging Mind: As above, if we understand that Ditko is his work, then I would affirm Avenging Mind as a core text. Released in 2008, this prestige format single issue marks the beginning of what became a tremendously productive, challenging and adventurous period in Ditko’s career. A mixture of both prose essays and illustrations, this book makes plain Ditko’s thoughts on the subject of creation and credit, in addition to laying out a number of the core principles of his own approach to the objectivist ethics of Ayn Rand. As mentioned in our first intro editorial, this is not the work of a lazy contrarian – instead it’s a comprehensive, genuine philosophy intended to lift and prioritise the rational mind. Wash away your misunderstandings, engage directly and determine your own response.

Adam Karenina Sherif