Ditko Wave 2

If you missed the announcement a few weeks back, here at Orbital we’ve proudly become stockists of the modern works of Steve Ditko. You can read our editorial intro to Steve Ditko and SD Publishing here.

After hastily selling out on arrival, we’re thrilled to bring you another round of Ditko. Introducing Wave 2!

The Hero Comics #26: The very latest offering from Ditko and co-publisher Robin Snyder, this extraordinary installment is a particular treat for those interested in the history of DC Comics. A fascinating work of micro-history focused on a certain character Ditko famously worked on through the 1960s.

Mr. A #7 & Mr. A #24: Also released this year, Mr. A #7 is the latest issue of the legendary objectivist archetype’s crime-busting adventures, featuring a 48-page mix of new artwork and reprints. No more reliable a hero than Mr. A, you can be sure. Mr. A #24 is the previous chapter from 2017, also new and reprint content.

Ditko 32s #25 & #26: The two most recent in a series of 32-page single issues, offering uncanny short tales of the everyday, superheroics, crime stories, and philosophical reflections. A master of dense panel layouts, Ditko’s modern work has also evolved to include more expansive and abstract artistic innovation. Varied and always interesting, these books are comprised of all-new content. 2016 and 2018 respectively.

These comics are available in-store as of today, Thursday 7th of June 2018. Please do get in touch if you’d like to make any reservations. We can’t imagine they’ll stick around for very long at all.

Adam Karenina Sherif