Comics Mash Up – Carl Stimpson Exhibition June 1st – 12th

Straighten Out by Carl Stimpson
Following the success of the Image Duplicator the Orbital Gallery is sticking to the theme of Pop Art re-appropriation with the launch of Carl Stimpson’s ‘Comic Mash Up’

Whereas many pop artists have been criticised for a lack of sympathy for their source material, Carl show an extraordinary sensitivity to comics from which he derives  his imagery, lovingly reproducing the brushstrokes of the masters.

Femme fatales, explosions, comical characters, fast cars and planes to name but a few, are sourced and blended in his work.

Source materials, including the works of cartoonists; F. Bergese, Philippe Berthet, Dan DeCarlo, Frank Frazetta, Herge, Edgar P. Jacobs, Jack Kirby and Roger Leloup, provide visual information that is appropriated by Stimpson to create his own compositions.

The viewer’s attention switches between boyish interests of fast cars and fighter planes and the more adult and alluring depiction of voluptuous women.

Stimpson deftly composes these paintings, turning complicated mixtures into final works that feel as though they have always existed.
The leftfield text, often lyrics from popular songs, included in his paintings serves to disconcert and intrigue the viewer.

There's No Other Way

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