Beyond 2000ad Exhibition – From Feb.11th


Orbital is very pleased to be hosting an exhibition in association with 2000AD and their ongoing Fortieth Anniversary celebrations. From February 11th the Orbital gallery will be displaying an awesome show entitled “Beyond 2000 AD: The broader cultural impact of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic“.

This unique exhibition will showcase items and ephemera from the last forty years inspired and influenced by the many characters and scenarios dreamed up by Tharg the Mighty and his legions of droids. The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic has inspired dozens of musicians, movie makers, gamers and sculptors over the last four decades, as well as spawning tons of incredible merchandise and spin offs.

Featuring a wide selection of figures, unseen artwork, a whole bunch of the groovy free gifts given away with the comic over the years, as well as numerous vinyl records, CD’s and even cassettes which have broadened the cultural reach of the comic like no other. And of course we will have oodles of the 2000 plus Progs available for perusal and sale, too!