Better Things: Jeffrey Catherine Jones documentary screening – October 25

Orbital Comics is proud to host this very special screening of MacabFilms‘ acclaimed documentary BETTER THINGS: THE LIFE & CHOICES OF JEFFREY CATHERINE JONES. Don’t miss this rare glimpse into the life of a brilliant and tortured soul. Be here at 7pm for a 7.30 start on Friday, October 25.

BETTER THINGS is a film about the artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones, a transgender painter, illustrator, and comics artist. Narrated and told through the experiences and perceptions of Jeffrey, the film is is guided and shaped by a group of creators who were influenced by and worked with Jeffrey at various stages of her life. At the beginning of the film, a question is posed: “Who is Jeffrey Jones?” Jeffrey did not have an answer. The film informs the viewer about Jeffrey’s life at a level never provided to the public before, but does not claim to have answered the question. It is left to the observer to decide.

You can watch a trailer for the film here.

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