Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. London – Ryan’s Review

No franchise in the last ten years has made quite as immense an impact on pop-culture as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Affectionately abbreviated the “MCU”, it now boasts a whopping 21 feature-length movies, 11 TV series, several short films, a handful of tie-in comics and digital series …. and so far shows no signs of stopping!

In celebration of a full decade of cinematic history, you can now become part of the MCU by enlisting as a special agent, at Marvel’s new Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. just outside London’s Excel Centre.

This unique exhibition features a broad selection of costumes and props from many of Marvel’s most popular films, from Iron Man‘s cave-built MK I armour, to Captain America‘s iconic vibranium shield, to Thor‘s mighty hammer Mjolnir. There’s a rich catalogue of amazing items to see, and full expertly-written articles to accompany each collection. Getting the rare opportunity to examine these screen-used artefacts up close is indescribable and something mere photographs cannot replicate.

Possibly my favourite section was dedicated to Marvel’s villains, and showcased full-size replicas of Chitauri and Dark Elf warriors and their weapons, sculpted and painted with incredible attention to detail. While possibly not even seen on film, these uncannily realistic statues are absolutely stunning, and expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond the typical superhero fanfare.

But the most unique feature of this impressive exhibit is the interactive element. Staff are presented as trained S.T.A.T.I.O.N. operatives, charged with inducting you into their ranks, making for an immersive tour. There are specially designed experiences that use the latest technology to give you a taste of an Avenger’s abilities, including a Iron Man simulator, a projected swarm of Ant-Man’s insect army to disperse, and a strength challenge to match you to an appropriate Marvel hero.

A number of the monitors that populate the exhibit even have interactive features; notably a wall of screens that automatically part, inviting you into a new room like a set of finely-made sliding doors, and a curved wall that celebrates all things Thor before transforming into an intense journey through the bifrost.

For those looking for a fun day out with friends or little ones this winter, this exhibition is practically made for you. And if you stop by Orbital anytime beforehand, you can pick up a flyer for a further discount on tickets!

Tickets are available on the door, but to avoid disappointment and pick your preferred time slot, you’ll want to BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE!