Alan Moore and DeZ Vylenz came down on 24th May to sign and launch the DVD by DeZ, The Mindscape of Alan Moore.

It was an incredible day! In the morning there was already a queue of Alan Moore fans eager to pick up a free ticket and a time slot to see Alan Moore. By 2pm, a queue had again formed for the signing, and i think job well done to Orbital Comics and staff – queue time was around 15 minutes or less for those who came down.

Both Alan and DeZ were very happy to sign the DVD, and Alan even signed other work he had done, and took loads of photos with customers, all a while a live guitarist was playing in the background. The vibe in the comic shop was great, lots of happy people, lots of chit chat going on. Melinda Gebbie also made an appearance towards the end – taking photos with us and kindly offering to sign Lost Girls. What a great day!

Here’s an idea of what went on:

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