2016 Favourites

Once again, the Orbital staff looked back at the year’s releases and selected their absolute favourites:



Best Single issue: Saga #40 by BKV & Fiona Staples.
Best Original Graphic Novel: Tetris by Box Brown
Best Reprint: Edena by Moebius
Best Exhibition: In Orbit by Orbital staff
Best Book (no pictures!): The Mighty One by Steve Macmanus
Best Toy: The Collector’s Vault (SDCC) by Marvel / Hasbro
Best Event: Musics & Comics in October/November
Best Award: Eisner Spirit of Retail 2016



Most Fun!: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
Most Visceral Reading Experience: Dark Knight: A True Batman Story
Best Beginning: Black Hammer
Best Ending: Vision
Worst Ending: Prez (Why does everything I love leave me?)
Best Reminder of What My Uni Life Should Have Been: Giant Days
Surprise Hit: The Flintstones
New Love: Spider-Woman (and Javier Rodriguez)
Obligatory Mention to the Best Thing Ever: Southern Bastards



Most enjoyed ongoing indie mini-series: Titan by Francois Vigneault
Amazing Cook (comic) book: Cook Korean by Robin Ha
Delicious Combination of tons of things I love: Food Anatomy by Julia Rothman
Finally in English: Notes Vol.1 by Boulet
Most anticipated re-launch: Love and Rockets by Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez
I don’t even have words for: Archie Vs Orbital by Joe Jinks & Will Humberstone
Happy Birthday to: Conundrum Press, who celebrated 20 years of amazing books this year!
To be enjoyed over and over again: Frank in the 3rd Dimension by Jim Woodring
Best yet by a long time favourite: Big Kids by Michael Deforge
Still can’t believe the ending: Deadendia by Hamish Steele
Publisher that just keeps on being awesome: Kus!
Webcomic: On a sunbeam by Tillie Walden



Best Event of the Year: Holy F*ck Signing and Commentary
Greatest Return: Cerebus in Hell
Favourite Award: Orbital Comics being the first UK store to win the Spirit of Retail Eisner Award
Biggest Failure: Forgetting to bring something for the awesome Joe Kelly to sign whe – he was here
Biggest Disappointment: Hellboy I – Hell, It all happens off panel
Favourite New Series: Angel City – well written and beautifully drawn crime noir
Best Guest Appearance: The Doom Patrol in Gerard Ways’ new Casey Brinke series
Most Exciting Reprint: Mark Waid’s The Flash, now if the could just reprint Baron and Messner-Loebs’ Run



New High Score: Tetris by Box Brown
Tastiest Paper: Cook Korea by Robin Ha
One for the Wall of Doom: Saving Grace by Grace Wilson
Biggest Crush: A City Inside by Tillie Walden
This is Weemawkable: Cat Rackham by Steve Wolfhard
M1nd Bl0w1ng: SP4RX by Wren McDonald
One to Read on Planet Zebes: Sunbakery by Corey Lewis
Monster in the Closet: Cindy & Biscuit: The Bad Girl by Dan White
She came from an egg…: Just Doodles by Yoyo the Ricecorpse
Hottest Tennis Ball: Elf Cat in Love by James Kochalka



Best Superhero Book: Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire & Dean Ormston
Best Supervillian Book: Henchgirl by Kristen Gudsnuk
Best Presentation of Historical Context and Best Mini-Series: Lake of Fire by Nathan Fairbairn & Matt Smith
Best Anthology: Island curated by Brandon Graham & Emma Ríos
Best of Rebirth: Detective Comics by James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows & Alvaro Martínez
Best Science Fiction: Ancestor by Matt Sheean & Malachi Ward
Absolute Instant Classic and Greatest Modern Green Lantern Book: Omega Men by Tom King & Barnaby Bagenda
Career-Best Year as a Writer: Jeff Lemire (Moon Knight, Plutona, Black Hammer)
High School Emotive Times: A Silent Voice by Yoshitoki Oima
Raddest New Initiative: DC Comics’s Young Animal imprint by Gerard Way & co.



Most Addictive Quarterly Title: Headlopper by Andrew MacLean
Best use of farting goblins (also just a great book): The Spire by Si Spurrier, Jeff Stokely
Most creative reimagining of a mythical figure: Klaus by Grant Morrison, Dan Mora
I’m Gonna Have to Insist You Pick Up…: Rumble by John Arcudi, James Harren
The Unexpectedly Really Really Cool Story: Superman: Rebirth by Patrick Gleason, Peter J Tomasi, Mick Gray
Told myself I wasn’t gonna pick Hellboy but…: Hellboy in Hell Volume 2: The Death Card by Mike Mignola, Dave Stewart
Most unwise but totally necessary purchase: Mike Mignola’s Screw On Head and Other Curious Objects: Artist Edition by Mike Mignola



Best Reboot: Shade the Changing Girl
Best Single Issue: Deadly Class #21
Best One-Shot: DC Rebirth #1
Most Welcome Return: Locke & Key: Small Worlds
Best Battle Royale: Archie vs Orbital by Joe Jinks & Will Humberstone
Most Exciting New Imprint: DC’s Young Animal
Favourite Exhibition: In Orbit by Orbital Staff
Film that Knocked My Socks Off: Captain America: Civil War
Book of 2016: The Vision