buffy #36 Buffy #36
by Joss Whedon

Liz says: The long awaited conclusion to season 8 stars here! Whedon-penned goodness that deliver wit, great character moments and jaw-dropping twitst that we’ve come to expect from a buffy finale. Plus.. Spike!

Thor:For Asgard Thor: For Asgard #1
by Robert Rodi

Karl says:Because I’m also ‘For Asgard’… and wicked Bianchi art!

taskmaster Taskmaster
by Fred Van Lente

Simon says:It was a tough choice between this and Hellboy this week, but Taskmaster just edged it!

critical millennium Critical Millennium:The storm by Andrew E.C.Gaska

Chris says: Great new series which sets up an interesting universe.

invincible 13 Invincible Vol.13 (TP)
by Robert Kirkman

Camila says: For all the trade waiters, Invincible Vol.13 is here, and it’s better than ever!

Transformers Transformers: Last Stand of the wreckers (TP) by James Roberts and Nick Roche

James says:Remember when Transformers comics were good? They still are! Sometimes…