Bulletproff Coffin #5

Bulletproof Coffin #5
by David Hine and Shaky Kane

Camila says: As it gets close to the end, the story behind the Bulletproof Coffin keeps getting better and better and proving to be not only highly enjoyable and fun but also incredibly clever. Big time favourite amongst all the Orbital staff!

Weird World of Jack Staff #5

Weird World of Jack Staff #5
by Paul Grist
Image Comics

Simon says: Jack Staff is one of the most enjoyable superhero comics on the stands. Its blend of traditional British superheroics with an almost experimental, restless mode of storytelling, full of jump-cuts and segues, makes for a monthly comic unlike any other. And it looks gorgeous too!

Beasts of Burden/Hellboy

Beasts of Burden/Hellboy
by Mike Mignola, Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson
Dark Horse

Karl says: A lonely one-shot team-up. More grisly goings on at Burden Hill. Some hilarious dialogue, especially from Pugs. Superb art by Jill Thompson, all round,a nice little Halloween treat!

Action Comics #894

Action Comics #894
by Paul Cornell, Nick Spencer, Pete Woods, RB Silva, Denis Frietas and David Finch
DC Comics

Liz says: Lex Luthor has a conversation with death… will it be his last? Featuring the first appearance of Death since Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, plus Nick Spencer’s ‘Jimmy Olsen’ back up!

Fantastic Four #584

Fantastic Four #584
by Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting and Alan Davis
Marvel Comics

Taylor says: I love it when Surfer gets mad!

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