Marvel Strange Tales #1

Marvel Strange Tales #1
by Various
Marvel Comics

Simon says: Another fantastic set of alternative cartoonists take on Marvel’s most famous creations in the second round of Strange Tales. Contains contributions from such indie luminaries as Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw and the totally awesome Kate Beaton.

unwritten #18

Unwritten #18
by Mike Carey, Peter Gross and Yuko Shimuzi

Karl says: A pschedelic adventure for Tom, and we learn more about the history about the Unwritten themselves.

thor #616#18

Thor #616
by Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry

Chris says: Although Fraction’s Uncanny work had almost turned me off im for good, his current run on Thor shows potential. Combine that with Pasqual Ferry’s smooth art and you have one to watch.

knight and squire #1

Knight and Squire #1
by Paul Cornell, Jimmy Broxton and Yanick Paquette
DC Comics

Tom says: A hero and comic we can be proud of. Paul Cornell is basically owning smart and fun superheroics right now.

hellblazer: city of demons #1

Hellblazer: City of Demons #1
by Si Spencer and Sean Murphy

Liz says: John Constantine must navigate the astral plane thorugh the troubled dead if he’s going to find hsi way back to life! Written by Si Spencer and with the fantastic art of Sean Murphy.

x'ed out

X’ed Out
by Charles Burns
Jonathan Cape

Camila says: Get ready to be drawn back in to a nightmare world of mutant babies and teenage romance in this first volume of Burns’s first longform work since Black Hole.