The Orbiting Pod X-Men Special

xphotoWelcome to another Special Episode of The Orbiting Pod!

This week, things get x-treme, astonishing & uncanny as we delve into the world of The X-Men!
Tying in to the recently released installment in the film franchise, we kick things off with a look at Claremont & Bryne’s Days of Future Past, and Kitty Pryde’s first turbulent days at Xavier’s School. We then take a look a futher look at the mutant menace, and interpretations of The Good Book with the OGN God Loves, Man Kills.

We then do a bit of public relations repair with Joss Whedon & John Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men, discussing the controversial “mutant Cure”, and finally, head back to the future with Bendis & Immonen’s All New X-Men.

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