The Orbiting Pod: Thor Special

thorphotoWelcome to another Special Episode of the Orbiting Pod!

This week, we cross the rainbow bridge of Asgard, where the booming heavens roar, and review in breathless wonder, the God of Thunder: MIGHTY THOR!

Following the success of our Man of Steel Special earlier in the year, we have decided to look at another god amongst mortals: THOR!

Beginning with his origins in the pages of Journey Into Mystery by Lee/Kirby, we then skip foraward to the epic Mighty Thor run by Walt Simonson, and the introduction of Beta Ray Bill, we bring it back with the return of Asgard as told by JMS & Olivier Coipel, get refreshed with Roger Langridge & Chris Samnee’s Mighty Avenger take, and drop the bomb with Jason Aaron & Esad Ribic’s time hopping tale of the God of Thunder.

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