Staff Picks – Week of 28/09/2016

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #12
Ryan North (w), Erica Henderson (a)
Marvel Comics

Joe says: What can I say about this title that I haven’t already… turns out quite a lot but why would I take away from your joy of experiencing it first hand. This issue is yet another instalment of one of the most consistently entertaining, beautifully drawn and laugh-out-loud funny comics on the stands today. This review isn’t highlighting this particular issue in as much as it’s a gentle reminder that the book exists and is one of the titles I am most excited by when I see a new issue is out.

In Orbit – Mixed Media Exhibition
Orbital Comics

Adam says: The Orbital Gallery’s exhibition for the month of October is our very own ‘In Orbit’, a show featuring the artistic endeavours of the staff here in the Orb and curated by Elektra. Not only are we immensely proud to share our work publicly, we’re also immeasurably happy to stand alongside one another in so doing.

A diverse array of different works, ‘In Orbit’ includes comic art that ought to be gracing Marvel covers, informational prints (cats!), action figures, home-made screwdrivers and much more besides. Reassuringly, of course, the gift shop is well-stocked with numerous delights to take home with you.

To all those who joined us for the opening Private View, and to all those who support us in both our Orbital capacities and our various other guises – thank you.

Hadrian’s Wall #1
Kyle Higgins (w), Rod Reis (a)
Image Comics

Liz says: ‘Neo noir, set in space’ doesn’t sound like a concept that’s going to gel, and yet it plays out flawlessly throughout the pages ‘Hadrian’s Wall issue #1. You’ve got your jilted, downward-spiraling private investigator, who’s called in to probe the suspicious death of the man who shot him and ran off with his wife. You’ve got your femme fatale in the form of his beautiful, resentful ex-wife, who’s as likely a suspect as any. And you’ve got the mystery itself, the death of an astronaut alone in void of space. It’s a classic setup with a futuristic twist.

The first issue of Hadrian’s Wall didn’t actually come out this week (a few weeks ago actually) but we did have writer Kyle Higgins as a guest this week and I managed to get my first look at a copy of this sold-out first issue. If you love a good detective story, make sure to grab yourself a copy of the second printing when it hits the shelf!

The Hellblazer # 2
Simon Oliver (w) Moritat (a)
DC Comics

Karl says: So, having been a Hellblazer reader since the very beginning – his first appearance in Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing back in the dirty eighties. I was disappointed when the original Vertigo series ended, weakly in my opinion – compared to some of the arcs in the 25 year run, and even further let down with the sanitised new 52 Constantine dribbled out. ( Never mention the movie to me). I had not bothered checking the Rebirth version – until it was pointed out to me that Eisner Award winning Orbital Comics clearly features in a panel on page 12 during the London segment of the new issue!
From that point of meta vanity, the delicious artwork of Moritat drew me back through the comic and, as JC himself says, bugger me, the opening pages are some of the most beautiful renditions of the Swamp Thing I have seen in ages. This double lure started me reading the comic and I quickly realised this was a good old fashioned Hellblazer yarn! Simon Oliver really gets the character and I dived into our back issue boxes for the first issue (still a few copies left, phew – lots of the DC Rebirth premier issues have sold out). So, my favourite comic shop is in my favourite comic as it returns to top form! Some kinda magic? Or, as “The” Hellblazer might say, Meta bollocks, mate.