Staff Picks – Week of 28/02/2018

Amazing Cerebus #1
Dave Sim & Sandeep Atwal (w), Dave Sim & Gustav Dore (a)
Aardvark Vaaheim

Thomas says: This issue of Sim’s ongoing Cerebus In Hell series is also the 41st anniversary special. Your mileage may vary with what Sim is doing with these books but i’m enjoying the more comedic focus on Cerebus especially after a mostly serious and often heavy last few years of the series proper.

For those not in the know; the Cerebus in Hell books are a series of single page funnies using a small number of stock images of Cerebus with Gustav Dore’s illustrations from Dante’s Divine Comedy serving as backgrounds with Cerebus interacting with Dante’s characters and assorted Angels and Demons making sly comments and generally just being his old, grumpy self.

Most recently the series has been reprinting work that had previously only been available online with new material added in while also parodying various classic covers with this issue in particular taking a pot shot at the constant re-numbering of titles by the big two, which is rather timely given Marvel’s recent fan-hating announcement.

The Beef
Richard Starkings & Tyler Shainline (w), Shaky Kane (a)
Image Comics

Joe says: There’s a new Shaky Kane book out this week which means I have a pick! This first issue is a fantastic introduction to the five part mini-series and I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment. The narrative is engaging, jumping back and forth through time and repeating motifs, it builds to the exciting conclusion of the issue where Kane’s art really shines. Not to go unmentioned is the back matter, something I always enjoy as a reward for supporting single issues and hope for more of in he future. This is an exciting, brutal new series that shouldn’t be missed!

Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition 2
Yukito Kishiro

Will says: You know that new film by James Cameron, with the robotic girl and her strangely large eyes that make you feel uncomfortable and slightly creeped out? Well, here’s the original source material! A manga that doesn’t make you feel these things, but instead brings you joy with it’s beautiful art and explosive over-the-top action. Volume two of this deluxe collection continues the journey of cybernetic Alita’s self discovery in a post-apocalypse future. Enjoy this classic sci-fi manga series instead of dreading over how Cameron and Rodriguez are going to desecrate it’s film adaption.

Daniel Kibblesmith (w), Carlos Villa (a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says: Everybody’s favourite four-legged Inhuman has finally got his own series, and while it’s predictably fun and feel-good, it’s also full of surprises! Far from the Inhumans’ home-world of Attilan (or more recently, New Arctilan), Dennis Dunphy, AKA Demolition Man, seems to have hit rock bottom. He used to be a hero. He used to have a boyfriend. He used to have a purpose. Now he’s lost everything, and is leading a rudderless existence with no seeming light at the end of the tunnel; that is, until a teleporting canine with a little tuning-fork on his forehead arrives to flip Dennis’ whole world upside down! This issue was such a joy, and the icing on the cake is that it gave me the fun I expected, and emotional depth that I didn’t see coming. Great stuff!