Staff Picks – Week of 27/05/2015

Fight Club 2 #1
Chuck Palahniuk (w), Cameron Stewart (a)
Dark Horse

Ryan says: The author of “Fight Club” returns to write a comic book sequel to his insanely popular novel. Fight Club 2 picks up a decade after the events of the original, with the narrator (now called Sebastian) trying to move on with his life, using pills to keep his chaotic alter-ego Tyler Durden suppressed. But with his bored wife sabotaging his meds, how long can Sebastian keep him buried? Not only does this make for one amazing read, but Cameron Stewart does a stellar job of this art, setting the atmosphere and messing with it as Tyler begins to crawl back into Sebastian’s life. This is not only a must-read; it may well be the best title of the year.

Morrissey: Misery in Bitesize Chunks
Raechel Leigh Carter
Tinynoggin Classics

Adam says: Patterned with some choice illustrations, this pashernate effort by Raechel Leigh Carter is a brilliant account that re-delivers Morrissey’s rather difficult Autobiography in briefer, intelligible segments. Marked with both the requisite wit for such a project and a pleasing warmth, Misery in Bitesize Chunks is also a tidy and well-produced book to go nicely alongside your [unread] copy of the original source material.

For more pop culture funscapades, visit Carter’s website or take a look at the hilarious Merde in France which we also have in stock in the West Wing.

Secret Wars: Old Man Logan #1
Brian Michael Bendis (w), Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Maiolo (a)
Marvel Comics

Chris says: I didn’t expect to be picking Old Man Logan #1 this week, but after flicking through and drooling over Andrea Sorrentino’s gorgeous art, I had no choice. My first ‘read-through’ was without words (a rare occurrence) as I allowed myself to drink in the beauty of each page and let the story wash over me. Then I read it again and took in all of Bendis’ wonderful dialogue. He’s been quite restrained in that manner, allowing Andrea to tell the story without obscuring the art with unnecessary words … It works well, and I get why they wanted to do this project together. Of course, it would all be for naught, if it weren’t for Marcelo Maiolo’s lush color palette which goes so well with Andrea’s work. The two complement each other in a wonderful way, and it’s great to see them continue levelling up with each new project. Old Man Logan is definitely on another plane, which is why it was not only an unexpected purchase but also a pleasant surprise as my pick of the week. I’m curious to see where it goes, and will be following along each month with great anticipation.

Drawn & Quarterly 25: Twenty-Five Years of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics, and Graphic Novels
Various authors and artists

Camila says: In celebration of their 25th anniversary, D&Q put together this mammoth of a book with a bit of its history, a couple of interviews and essays, and many, many, MANY comics by the stellar roster of creators that have worked with the publisher over the years. It’s a beautiful thing!

The first thing after the index is a double spread photo of some of the artists who have been with D&Q since the beginning. That alone made me love the book already and left me giggling looking at the real-life versions of “characters” I’ve grown so familiar with. Many other photographs follow illustrating the history of publisher, and give a real insight into how it started and slowly became a huge and integral part of (english-spoken) alternative comics history.

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