Staff Picks – Week of 27/04/2017

Star Hawks Volume 1: 1977-1978
Gil Kane (a), Ron Goulart (w)
IDW Publishing

Thomas says: I am a huge fan of Gil Kane and had never seen this before when it was previously reproduced by Hermes Press so when I saw it in Previews I ordered it immediately. Gil Kane’s art is amazing and full of life, his art and design is spectacular and always has been and just flicking through the book, the black and white art just jumps right off the page.

Drawn in a two tier format, IDW have made the interesting decision to print the strip page to page making a smaller volume but a nice, kind of, recreation of how it was originally published in newspapers in the late seventies.

The book is of the usual high quality that we expect from IDW and includes an introduction by Goulart discussing the creation and production of the Strip which is interesting and informative especially to someone who had never read the strip before. There are two more volumes to come and I’m definitely down for that

Loose Ends #4
Jason Latour (w) Chris Brunner (a) Rico Renzi (c)
Image Comics

Joe says: It’s the conclusion of the (republished) mini-series and it’s been one of the most visually interesting comics I’ve read in some time, with writer, artist and colourist all working in synergy.

Jason Latour (of Southern Bastards fame) writes a compelling tale but it’s the whole that makes this a must read. If you can’t track down the singles then I highly recommend the trade that will be out soon… but this is a series begging for a deluxe, over-sized edition.

The Brutania Chronicles Book 3: Psychopomp
Pat Mills (w), Simon Davis (a)

Julia says: The Brutania Chronicles is still an ideal starting point for Slaine’s new readers. In this third book, Slaine will try to break through the Drune Lor’s minions to reunite with Sinead. The story maintains the image of an older Slaine a bit more vulnerable than in previous sagas. We go deeper into the character and the little bits of information about his parents are fully developed in this book and we are shown Slaine’s bond with his mother.

In an artistic level, Simon Davis is perfect. His brilliant art has nothing to envy of Bisley’s previous work in Slaine, in The Horned God. Both choose a more artistic look for their pages, using traditional techniques and the result is astonishing.

As a bonus this book includes a seven page short story of a young Slaine, initially published in the 2000 AD 40Th anniversary Special.
This edition culminates in a 24 page gallery that includes 3 covers, a wide collection of sketches, character design, page process and color tests. It’s a great and delightful selection of Davis in the rough.

Without a doubt, The Brutania Chronicles is still an indispensable piece for the Celtic Hero lovers.

Aliens : Dead Orbit
Dark Horse
James Stokoe (w/a)

Karl says: I’ve been looking forward to this new Aliens book since it was solicited a few months ago. The sometimes jaded franchise gets a much needed jab in the arm and it’s down to one thing – the excellent work of James Stokoe. Since his awesome mini series ‘ Godzilla in Hell ‘, there was no doubt this would be a pleasure.

Dead Orbit is a perfectly paced tale of the Xenomorph threat which creeps to this issue’s climax with all the tension and anxiety required to make those jump out of your seat moments really work. Stokoe is firing on all cylinders here, quite literally, as he writes, illustrates and letters! Absolutely gorgeous colouring throughout this tense tale of freezer malfunction in deep space. Nightmare. Tasty variant cover by Geof Darrow.