Staff Picks – Week of 25/10/17

Magritte: This is Not a Biography
Vincent Zabus (w), Thomas Campi (a)
Self Made Hero Publishing

Thomas says: Magritte was always my favourite of the Surrealist painters with Jean Miro coming in as a close second so i leapt at this book when I saw it. This short graphic novel follows Charles Singular a dull man who, upon promotion, treats himself to a bowler hat that it seems once belonged to Rene Magritte.

What follows is an excursion through the imagination and imagery of Magritte’s work examining the artists life and an all too brief commentary on the rampant commercialisation of Magritte’s later work all of which is told in a light and breezy fashion. It’s not necessarily a book aimed at children but there is a light touch which I’m hesitant to refer to as ‘simple’ especially given some of the material but the book can easily be used as a fun primer for those new to Surrealism in general and Magritte in particular.

The art is lovely. I wasn’t previously aware of Thomas Campi before but his style fits beautifully with the subject matter and is quite evocative of the ‘world’ and of the era. It’s really just beautiful to look at let alone to read and the art is worth the price alone frankly.

House of Women
Sophie Goldstein

Will says: In 2015, we saw the release of Goldstein’s astounding graphic novel from AdHouse, The Oven. I was absolutely blown away by this book, so a little over two years later, it’s great to see her name on the shelves again.

The Empire has sent a group of women to a distant planet called Mopu, to bring their idea of civilisation to the alien locals. With a clear sci-fi setting, Sophie has a focus on exploring her characters and more personal topics. Sinister, evocative and absolutely gripping, I could not put this book down until the very end! Sophie’s art is absolutely yummy and everyone should have the delight of reading this.

Silver Surfer #14
Dan Slott (w), Mike Allred (a), Laura Allred (c)
Marvel Comics

Joe says: I said all I needed to say when the last issue came out… the perfect end to a perfect series.