Staff Picks – Week of 19/07/2017

Overstreet Priceguide 2017
Robert M. Overstreet (w)

Karl says: Well, that time of year has rolled around again and here’s the annual official guide to how much those old comics have increased in value in the last twelve months. And the answer is – overall, considerably!

As Steve Geppi points out in his introduction there has never been a greater time to be a collector of comics. The wider interest in these strange creations from the general public has meant that even second and third tier characters are now getting known and sought after.

Plenty of market updates from numerous Overstreet advisors makes for riveting reading and it’s always fun to see a chart of the top 10s. Original 70s Marvel Star Wars leapt by an eye-watering 33% (the 35 cent variant, admittedly) and Cerebus #1 is the fourth most valuable bronze age comic! Surely a win for the indie and self-publishing community! As the Gepster signs off with.. HAPPY COLLECTING!

Super Sons #6
Peter J. Tomasi (w), Jorge Jimenez (a)
DC Comics

Joe says: I may have picked #1 but it’s the start of a new story arc and Super Sons is just as exciting as when it began. It’s so much fun to see Damian and John’s relationship grow and Jimenez’ art gives the title kinetic energy.

It’s the best retreat from bleak, superhero comics.

Ether: Death of the Last Golden Blaze
Matt Kindt (w) David Rubín (a)
Dark Horse

Julia says: In Ether we follow Boone Dias, an outcast in the real world that only finds happiness when he is submerged in the Ether. There he is considered one of the greatest minds and he is summoned to help solve a gruesome crime.

The spanish artist David Rubin teams up with Matt Kindt to present a piece that combines fantasy with science fiction and police investigations. David has proved to be a very talented artist, able to portrait expressive and unique characters with great skill. He is a great narrator, managing to create a very eloquent story even without dialog. The harmony between artist and writer is evident and shows during the whole comic.

Ether is a great piece of art that no one should miss.

Rozi Hathaway
Self published

Will says: Rozi must be a magician.

As in Njálla, she has bought a smile to my face with her stunning watercolours. Ø has colours that are even more spell-binding as she tells the story of a young child’s isolation. I can’t stop drooling over these pages!

Yup. Definitely a wizard.