Staff Picks – Week of 19/04/2017

Treves A Restless Night
Tom Ward (w), Luke Parker (a), Nick J. Shaw (l)
Ward and Parker

Thomas says: This is the most recent release from Ward and Parker and takes place in their Sensational Elephantman Universe. This tale deals with an early adventure of Dr. Treves and is apparently loosely based on a real event that took place in the early days of his career while travelling in India.

Once again riffing on the Mignola Universe this book is as heavily stylised as it’s predecessor but whereas those books have since become tired this series is still having a great deal of fun and is clearly enjoying itself.

Parker’s art is fantastic, illustrating the story with ease while maintaining an ever increasing pace as the tension ramps up with Ward’s relatively straight forward horror story. Deceptively simple the story has some edge to it making glancing comments on British Colonialism through the language of the characters which makes a nice change from the usual heavy handedness that lesser writers tend to use. I’m really enjoying this series and look forward to more releases from this team.

Plastic #1
Doug Wagner (w), Daniel Hillyard (a)
Image Comics

Ryan says: If you’re looking for a light-hearted kid-friendly comic this week, for-the-love-of-Kirby, stay far clear of Plastic!! This first issue is better suited for fans of other Image titles like Southern Bastards, Luthor Strode and The Walking Dead, with it’s gruesome bloodshed and dark sense of humour. Not my usual kettle’o’fish, but a damn fun read! We follow the twisted tale of Victor, an unhinged and ultra-violent former government agent, as he tries to get away from it all with the love of his life – an inflatable sex doll named Virginia. It’s a brilliantly grim story, one that promises to get crazier with each coming issue, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Sex Criminals #18 xxx variant
Erica Henderson (a)
Image Comics

Joe says: They say don’t judge a book by its cover but in this instance, it was the sole reason for my purchase. Henderson draws against type for one of the most outrageous xxx variants to date and it is magnificent.