Staff Picks – Week of 15/03/2017

Bad Machinery: The Case of the Team Spirit (Pocket Edition)
John Allison (w/a)
Oni Press

Joe says: It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally started reading Bad Machinery and it’s all thanks to this new format; one that will sit comfortably on my shelves. I’m upset that it’s taken me this long but at least I know I have several volumes ahead of me that I can’t wait to immerse myself in.

Allison is on brand here, telling a well-paced, charming story with characters that feel real – I can’t wait to learn more about them. It’s wonderful seeing Allison’s art as well which goes hand-in-hand with his storytelling… and it goes without saying that it’s hilarious. You now have no excuse to not read this.

Headlopper #5
Andrew MacLean (w/a), Jordie Bellaire (c)
Image Comics

Ryan says: It’s the return of everyone’s favourite viking goliath and severed witch’s head – Norgal and Agatha! MacLean’s masterful series begins it’s second amazing arc “Head Lopper and The Crimson Tower” jam-packed full of action, humour and horror, with a bold tone that lies somewhere between Hellboy and Adventure Time. I fell madly in love with the first Head Lopper graphic novel, so needless to say I became wildly excited to see a new issue on the shelves, and I can say with confidence that it does not disappoint. A perfect jumping on point, a thrilling read, and a beefy 54 pages to make up for the fact that it’s a quarterly series… Head Lopper is a MUST read!

Demon Volume 2
Jason Shiga
First Second

Thomas says: If you’ve read the first volume of this hilarious and unrepentantly cold blooded comic then i seriously recommend that you do.
Shiga delivers more of the same but with appropriately higher stakes, a pseudo origin and a set up for the next volume despite a seemingly neat ending.
I love this series; great art, fantastic writing and utterly selfish piece of s**t for a protagonist. Read it.

Coady & the creepies
Liz Prince (w), Amanda Kirk (a)
Boom Box!

Camila says: There’s nothing like the first issue of a new series by a creator whose work you love! Coady & the Creepies is a brand new miniseries written by the amazing Liz Prince, with great art by Amanda Kirk, about 3 sisters in a punk band, and a bit of a supernatural twist.

This first issue easily lives up to expectations, with the promise of a fun, lighthearted story, that also addresses some very real issues, very much in line with some other great titles Boom box! has been bringing out, like Lumberjanes and Jonesey, filled with complex, imperfect, but awesome characters!