Staff Picks – Week of 15/02/2017

Magical Character Rabbit One-Shot
Kinoko Evans
Study Group Comic Books

Will says: Magical Character Rabbit is an aspiring young magician who must rise to the challenge when she is given the task of performing the important Winter Ritual. In a town full of fellow wizards, it is a huge honour to be entrusted with this rite and the pressure is on to find a spell to amaze all. MCR is a cute, funny and heartwarming tale that readers of any age will enjoy.

Super Sons #1
Peter Tomasi (w) Jorge Jimenez (a)
DC Comics

Joe says: After a brief introduction to their dynamic in the pages of Superman, I knew I wanted to invest in the further adventures of Robin and Superboy.

As much as I try to avoid using the word in reviews, there is little other that I can describe this book as, as fun. The art is suitably adorable and characters are written as actual children; it makes them seem real and vulnerable, despite their powers and training. The dynamic is fantastic, often hilarious and I’m loving Robin’s arrogance. I can’t wait for the light-hearted adventures that are inevitably to come.

Invincible #133
Robert Kirkman (w), Ryan Ottley (a)
Image Comics

Ryan says: It’s been a long road, with many twist (SO MANY twists) and turns along the way, but one of my favourite superhero titles is coming to a world-shattering end. This special 25p issue marks the beginning of Invincible’s “The End of All Things” finale, and doesn’t disappoint at all. Opening with a grand funeral for one of our fallen heroes (not gonna say who – wanna keep as spoiler free as possible), emotions sit pretty close to the surface among our remaining cast, and it doesn’t take much for upset to turn into anger.

More so than usual, this issue of Invincible is an emotional rollercoaster in the best possible way, full of heartbreak, heavy-hitting fights, and threads of humor delicately woven in for good measure. To call this month’s issue a “no-brainer” would be an understatement – whether you’re a long-time fan or a new reader, you’ll not find another comic on this week’s shelves so well executed (or at such a microscopic price). Grab your copy while you still can!

Spectacular Vermacular
Mathilde Vangheluwe
Kus! comics

Camila says: We have just had a delivery of awesome Kus! comics, including the latest volume of their thematic anthologies, and four new minis. As expected from any Kus! publications, they are all really great, but this mini comic by Mathilde Vangheluwe has got to be my favourite.

Vangheluwe’s gorgeous art and the main characters being a kick-ass purple haired teenage witch and her talking cat sure help, but there’s more to it. It leaves a lot for you to work out by yourself, which is part of the beauty in this short story, but whichever way I saw it, my heart went out to the young witch. I doubt this little comic will be around for too long, check it while you can!