Staff Picks – Week of 14/06/2017

The Goon Library Edition Volume 5
Eric Powell (w/a)
Dark Horse

Thomas says: The fifth and final Goon Library Edition arrived while I was away last week which was a pleasant surprise upon my return but a somewhat heartbreaking one in that The Goon is now over forever. Or until he decides to come back to it but considering how good Hillbilly is and the talent that he’s producing through Albatross Press I really can’t see that happening anytime soon.

Dark Horse has done a great job with these Editions filling them with great back matter, allowing us a peek into the process of producing the pages as well as sketches galore. One of the nice things about the Library editions is that they’re not too unwieldy to read like the, admittedly excellent, omnibuses from DC and Marvel which can be a work-out just to read a couple of pages. The paper stock is not too glossy and allows Powell’s art to be seen in all of their glory just short of an artist’s edition. I’ll never have to really miss The Goon with these volumes and that makes me very happy.

The Airship Adventures of Little Nemo
Winsor McCay (w/a)

Camila says: There have been some lovely collections of the all-time classic Little Nemo in Slumberland, but in recent years, they were all oversized luxurious editions, aimed at those who already know and love Winsor McCay’s work.

But over 100 years after it was created and originally published, Little Nemo is still unique, wonderful, and probably as iconic as it has ever been, and certainly yet to be discovered, enjoyed and a source of inspiration to many, so it’s great to see McCay’s work in a pocket-sized, and very affordable edition.

It specifically collects Nemo’s airship adventures, originally published between 1910 and 1911, when the series finished. Some might say the earlier stuff is better, but I think there’s plenty of gold in here! An essential addition to the collection of any McCay fans, and a lovely introduction to those willing to venture into these wonderful dreamworlds.

Tillie Walden Signing and Director’s Commentary

Will says: This Friday, we had the awesome Tillie Walden join us in-store for a signing followed by a Director’s Commentary of her Eisner-nominated and Ignatz Award winning book I Love This Part. All of Tillie’s work is amazing, but I Love This Part is certainly my favourite. It is an extremely moving and beautiful piece of art that deserves all the praise it has gotten. Listening to Tillie talk about her work process and the story behind the pages was not only entertaining, but very insightful! If you missed this event, don’t fret! We recorded the talk so you will be able to listen to Tillie as you read alongside the book in an upcoming podcast. If you haven’t picked up the book yet, well, Tillie has left us signed copies of I Love This Part as well as her other titles A City Inside and The End of Summer!

You can check out Tillie Walden’s work here. She’s been nominated for yet another Eisner award this year for the wonderful webcomic, On a Sunbeam. Keep an eye out for a limited edition deluxe version of I Love This Part from Avery Hill Publishing later this year as well as her new book from First Second, Spinning, later this year too!

Spider-Man: Brand New Day Complete Collection vol. 3
Marvel Comics

Liz says: Brand New Day got a lot of hate in the beginning for wiping Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage from continuity, and a lot of angry fans removed it from their standing orders, vowing never to read Amazing Spider-Man again. But time heals all wounds and anyone who decides to pick up these Complete Collections will discover that Brand New Day is actually really great.

The third volume provides answers to long-running questions such as: who is the mysterious goblin Menace? How is Harry Osborn still alive and where was he when he was supposedly living in Europe? And why doesn’t anyone remember what Spider-Man looked like when he unmasked on live television?

Also in the pages of vol 3: New York City gets a very unlikely new Mayor, and Spidey saves President Barack Obama (a Spider-man fan in real life) at his inauguration in the President’s Day Special issue!