Staff Picks – Week of 12/07/2017

Simon and Shuster

Thomas says: A short one this week. The Recent release of The Park Bench was my first introduction to the work of Chabouté, a silent look into the lives of others that was a joy to ‘read’ and now, not two weeks later, we get the first English adaption of his award winning tales of a hermit leaving quietly in a lighthouse on a small, desolate island.

I haven’t had a chance to sit and read this just yet but the art is absolutely gorgeous. Every time I pass the book I have to have a flip through just to look at the Black and white illustrations before hurriedly putting it back before I start reading it there and then. This is a book that I’m looking forward to reading.

LDN 2050 #1
Korinna Mei & Alfie Garland

Will says: Welcome to London in the year 2050, where technological advancements have led the city to be under constant surveillance. Ted, who works for a surveillance agency, is fed up with his job and ends up helping a young vandal rebelling against the oppressive and invasive society.

Korinna’s previous comic Sopra was absolutely fantastic, so I was especially excited to read this and it did not disappoint! The colours are stunning making every page a delicious treat for your eyes. She has beautifully reimagined the capital city with a futuristic twist and this is the ultimate cyber-punk comic you’ve been waiting for. I am extremely excited for the next issue!

Xander’s Dad is an Evil Scientist!
Will Humberstone (w/a)
Self Published

Joe says: Will’s solo debut in comics is extremely strong… worryingly so. His world comes fully realised, as surreal as some elements of it are, and by the end of the issue I had a real sense of who each character was. They all have their own voices and Will has a real talent for character based dialogue, laced with humour and small but clever ideas that I hope will pay off in the future.

Featuring several short stories with an over-arching narrative, the exposition is kept to a minimum and when the reader is introduced to new ideas and concepts, it is done smoothly. He also takes full advantage of the medium, implementing story-telling techniques that I’ve never seen before but work so well, if this is his starting point, I’m excited to see how he grows.

Knowing who Will is a fan of, I see some of those influences creeping in but the work is entirely his own – I can’t wait to invest in more adventures from Sam(s), Xander and Soohyeon.

Shade the Changing Girl Volume 1: Earth Girl Made Easy
Cecil Castellucci (w), Marley Zarcone (a), Kelly Fitzpatrick (c)
DC’s Young Animal

Liz says: Loma Shade of the planet Meta is restless and looking for an escape from her lackluster life. When an opportunity arises for her to follow in the footsteps of her idol Rac Shade by stealing his infamous madness vest, she finds herself in a different galaxy, in the body of a human girl.

The body in question belongs to teenage mean girl Megan Boyer, who ruled the school until an accident left her comatose. Loma awakens to find herself disliked by those who believe her to be Megan, in a world she doesn’t understand. And unbeknownst to Loma, the madness vest is putting her in grave danger every time she puts it on, and there are others in the universe who seek it’s power.

‘Shade’ is one of my very favorite ongoing series; the Technicolor trippiness is tethered by a heartfelt and accurate representation of the high school experience. Don’t let this unique and wonderful series pass you by.