Staff Picks – Week of 10/06/2015

21st Century Tank Girl #1
Alan Martin (w), Jamie Hewlett (a), Brett Parson (a), Warwick Johnson-Cadwell (a), Jonathan Edwards (a), Philip Bond (a)
Titan Comics

Ryan says: P-P-P-POW!! Everyone’s favourite post-apocalyptic comic-book renegade is back, and in this ridiculously cool anthology series, she’s hard to put down. And in among the short stories that compile this issue, character co-creators Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett return to the title that put them on the map. This comic is an exciting read, full of quirky adult humour and equally playful art, and I think the perfect time for any Tank Girl newbies to jump aboard. I’ll be adding this to my standing order for sure, because I simply can’t wait to see more!

The Oven
Sophie Goldstein
Adhouse Books

Will says: I remember doing an exercise in school one time where we would be placed into groups and each had to argue our climate change solution for saving the world from it’s inevitable doom. We were the bubble people. And we failed miserably. The Oven, set in the future, the ozone layer has been destroyed and the government has placed cities under domes to protect them from the overpowering Sun. Syd and Eric want a family, but due to harsh totalitarian government restrictions on population, they can’t. So they venture out into the desert in search of a government-free utopia. Goldstein explores the uncomfortable truths of this world. A short read, but you will want to read it again if just for it’s beautiful artwork. Originally printed in black white, the newly added colour palette contrasts between orange and grey frequently, adding so much heart to the book, but at the same time, a very sinister tone. A great little book and is pocket sized too, perfect for a read on the go.

Constantine: The Hellblazer #1
Ming Doyle (w), Riley Rossmo (a)

Liz says: If you (like me) hearken back to the good old days when Hellblazer was a Vertigo comic and was too dark and weird to fit into the mainstream DCU, take note: The DC logo may be on the upper corner, but Constantine: The Hellblazer is gleefully weird from the very first page, and only gets moreso from there.
It’s encouraging to see DC taking risks with their new titles and creative teams, as they have with the pairing of Ming Doyle and Riley Rossmo. Rossmo, whose rough-edged approach and horror-based repertoire is as unlike DC’s ‘house style’ as you can get, is this book’s secret weapon. He is totally in his element here; I can’t think of a better fit for a Hellblazer book and I hope he keeps drawing it for the rest of his natural life. As for Ming Doyle, this is the first thing I’ve read of hers and I’m very impressed. Her vision of the character is very much in line with my own, and seemingly without effort she managed to produce an issue that serves as a hook for new readers, a fresh start for fans (and lapsed fans) and simply a great, done-in-one story for all concerned.
Hands-down the best Hellblazer issue I’ve read in years, since before it left Vertigo.
Touche’, DC. Keep it up.

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