Staff Picks – Week of 10/01/2018

Cowboy Ninja Viking – Deluxe Edition TPB
A.J. Lieberman (w), Riley Rossmo (a)
Image Comics

Ryan says: Forget the fact that there’s a movie coming next year, and forget that Chris Pratt is attached in the lead role … this. book. is. brilliant.

The story introduces a counter-intelligence unit who once turned select patients with Multiple Personality Disorder into master assassins – aka Triplets. When a band of particularly psychotic patients start to go on a murderous rampage, they’re force to track down the only Triplet they can trust, Duncan, to stop them.

A standalone graphic novel with beautifully manic art by Riley Rossmo and razor sharp wit courtesy of A.J. Lieberman, Cowboy Ninja Viking is a punchy and hilarious read with a truly electric energy to it. If you’ve not picked it up already, then grab this deluxe edition and indulge in the exclusive additional story and content!

The Mighty Thor by Walter Simonson Vol. 2 TPB
Walter Simonson (w, a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says: Walter Simonson’s run on the Mighty Thor is one of the most influential and highly regarded in the character’s history. The ‘Surtur Saga’, which spans across the first two collected volumes, also happens to be one the greatest story arcs in any superhero book, ever. Incorporating all the elements that make for a great Thor story, Simonson crafts an epic, high-stakes tale that sees Thor fight alongside Odin, Beta Ray Bill, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three to face the evil Fire Giant Surtur. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he still has Malekith the Dark Elf, his duplicitous brother Loki and Hela the Goddess of Death to contend with, and that’s all just in this second volume! Simonson’s take on these beloved characters and formidable villains is a joy to read and unquestionably paved the way for their future characterisations. For fans of the Thunder God (and of good comics in general), this is essential reading. Skip it? I say thee nay!