Staff Picks – Week of 09/08/2017

Mister Miracle #1
Tom King (w), Mitch Gerads (a)
DC Comics

Thomas says: Simply put; this is one of the best comics I’ve read in years, it’s certainly the best this year (with the wonderfully satisfying Astro City #42) and has left me excited and fearful in equal measure for what’s to come. Can this team stick the landing? After The Vision series King wrote I’m inclined to believe so.

Inhumans: Once and Future Kings #1
Christopher Priest (w), Phil Noto (a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says: ‘Once and Future Kings’ is the story of a young Black Bolt and his brother Maximus during simpler times, before one sibling’s madness and desire to rule tore their relationship apart. When the brothers thwart an attack on the reigning King of Attilan, unforeseen consequences occur as a result. This kicks off a series of events that will force them, along with the young Medusa, to go on the run and end up in a very unfamiliar place. Phil Noto’s art is as gorgeous as ever and Christopher Priest has crafted an enjoyable and accessible story that would serve as a fine starting point for new readers. This issue also includes a bonus story by Ryan North and Gustavo Duarte in which Ben Grimm and Lockjaw play catch!

Blank Canvas Volume 1
Weili Wonka

Will says: Hé ān has started the adventure in her life that is art college which turns out to be a lot trickier than she first thought. And what’s this? Romance too? Along with her newly made friends, will Hé ān survive the year?

Whether we all admit it or not, everyone likes a good shoujo manga and this hits all the spots it should be hitting! Weili has a great sense of humour and has developed the characters with a lot of thought, each with their own very unique voice. And to top it all off, the art is gorgeous too! I had an absolute blast reading it and am so excited to read volume 2. Which is good news, because we have both volumes in stock now!