Staff Picks – Week of 07/06/2017

A Bulletproof Coffin: The 1000 Yard Stare
David Hine (w), Shaky Kane (a)
Image Comics

Joe says: The latest outing from Hine and Kane comes in the form of this one-shot, set in the Bulletproof Coffin universe, and it’s a great addition to the series.

If you’ve read anything by the duo before you know what to expect and this does not disappoint! Besides, the inimitable Shaky Kane is always worth checking out.

Uncomfortably Happily
Yeon-Sik Hong
Drawn & Quarterly

Will says: Cartoonist Yeon-Sik Hong and his partner (plus three cats!) move to the countryside of Korea. Atop a small house on a mountain, they are isolated from the rest of society, escaping the noise and expense the city of Seoul brings. A beautifully simple story that has you gripped from the very first pages. Their journey does not come without trepidations; sometimes sweet and endearing, sometimes dark, Hong’s tale has captured the joyous and honest moments of real life. Enormous praise must be given to Hong’s creativity as he paints these moments with such imagination, using the medium of comics to its full advantage, never making for a dull moment.

Iceman #1
Sina Grace (w), Alessandro Vitti (a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says: In 2015, writer Brian Michael Bendis outed original X-man Bobby Drake (AKA Iceman) as gay. This week, as part of ResurreXion (Marvel’s overhaul of their X-men titles) Bobby is given his own solo series. It’s apt that a member of the X-Men should be the first gay male Marvel character fronting a solo book. X-Men stories have always dealt in themes of bigotry and prejudice; however, with an original team made up of mostly straight white male characters, the updating of Bobby as gay feels timely and necessary.

In the first issue of Iceman, the older Bobby makes for a likeable and relatable protagonist. While his confident younger self makes an openly gay lifestyle look effortless, the older Bobby is still hitting bumps in the road as he come to terms with who he is. In this issue he takes his first steps toward dating by signing up to a singles website, but sidesteps an opportunity to be honest about himself to certain people in his life. Bobby is still at the beginning of his journey, but based on this funny, engaging first issue, it’s going to be a pleasure following him along the way.

Julia Madrigal (w/a)

Camila says: We got a couple of new zines by Julia Madrigal in this week, including this gorgeous collection of portraits of beautiful, powerful, magical women!

Some of the portraits are based on existing characters or mythology, whereas the story and background of some of the others is still to be told. Hopefully Julia will expand on the ideas behind the illustrations and give us a comic full of ass-kicking witches soon!