Staff Picks – Week of 07/03/2018

Snails are Just My Speed!
Kevin McCloskey
Toon Books

Camila says: Snails are just my speed! is the latest in Toon Books’ line of books for really young readers, that includes Art Spiegelman’s Jack in the Box and Jeff Smith’s Little Mouse Gets Ready amongst lots of other little gems.

Just as the title implies, this one is all about snails. As a gardener, I cant say I’m a fan of these slimy little guys, but Kevin McCloskey introduces us to a whole load of fascinating snail facts that are sure to entertain curious readers, no matter how old they are.

Oblivion Song #1
Robert Kirkman (w), Lorenzo De Felici (a)
Image Comics

Ryan says: The latest creator-owned epic from the writer/creator of The Walking Dead, Invincible and Outcast is pure brilliance — Oblivion Song is chock-full of inventive storytelling, unique and impressive visuals, and well-developed characters. And I gotta say, De Felici is an artist I’m gonna be keeping a better-focused eye on; his artwork is fantastic!

Set 10 years after Philadelphia got sucked into a parallel dimension full of monstrous creatures, our story follows a man who makes daily trips teleporting back and forth to rescue survivors from almost-certain death. But could Nathan Cole be looking for something else within Oblivion? If you like unearthly monsters, apocalyptic world-building, and rich well-paced narrative, then this is the new book for you!

The Artist Behind Superman: The Joe Shuster Story
Julian Voloj (w), Thomas Vampire (a)
Super Genius Comics

Thomas says: This is a beautiful graphic novel telling the story of Joe Shuster and the co-creation of his not very well-known, niche comic book character Superman.

The writing is brisk but doesn’t feel rushed in any way which was something I was afraid of given the size of the book and its subject matter but it’s light without being empty.

The art is gorgeous and has a hazy dream-like quality to it that leaves you warm and fuzzy despite what you’re reading.

James Kochalka
Top Shelf

Will says: James Kochalka is AMAZING! I think the highest praise you can give a book is that nothing can stop you from reaching the end. That was Mechaboys for me. Not ideal when I was meant to be working… but finishing this book was much more important than keeping my job.

James and Zeus are two outcast teenagers at the end of their school years, picked on by their peers. They design a robot suit to see out their remaining days leading up to prom. Mechaboys is a high school comedy packed full of laughs, drama and heart-warming goodness. If you don’t enjoy this, I’ll…I’ll eat my hat or…something.