Staff Picks – Week of 05/04/2017

An Illustrated History of Hergé’s Aircraft – From Tintin to Jo, Zette and Jocko
Frank Griese and Richard Humberstone
Blue Rider Publishing

Thomas says: This is yet another excellent look at the aircraft that appeared throughout the works of Hergé. Whereas the previous release focused on the livery, signage and registrations, with an eye towards model plane makers; this volume is a detailed look at the craft used by Hergé as reference.
Providing a brief history of said aircraft in both a global, historical context as its main focus, the book examines where Hergé was in his life at each particular point and any impact that those circumstances might have had on his choice of reference.
The book is beautifully illustrated with photographs of examples as well illustrations of the craft in question. Although there are no images from Hergé’s book for comparison, the book provides page/panel reference for each album as well as references to the previous Blue Rider release which is very helpful. A fun excuse for rereading the albums.

Superman #20
Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi (w), Patrick Gleason (a)
DC Comics

Ryan says: Are you looking for a fun superhero book with two generations of DC’s World’s Finest? Then this week’s Superman may be exactly what you’re looking for! One of the last places you expect to find the Batman is in a small farmhouse in the mid-west, so when he and his son Damian stop by, you know some serious words will be had. The start of an exciting new storyline, it looks like some huge changes are in store for the young Superboy, and may impact not only the lives of the family around him, but potentially introduce a new global threat! If nothing else, it’s totally worth picking up just to watch Batman stubbornly refuse to eat apple pie!

Satanic Mojo #5

Karl says: Strap in folks, here comes the latest instalment of eye melting underground comix that has materialised here at Orbital. Featuring the continuing adventures of Lester Starbeard, which is turning into a real queer saga. Regular contributors Savage Pencil, Billy Chainsaw and Dennis Franklin dish up suitably sick strips , and the legendary Mike Diana delivers a hilarious tale of abuse and revenge.
Plenty of new talent turns up for the Sabbat in this issue with a 50 plus page count and a team of nearly 2 dozen Satanic Cartoonists cramming the comic with devilishly funny and cautionary one pagers and strips. As cover plainly warns, it’s for open minded adult intellectuals only. Smells good too…

Kim Reaper #1
Sarah Graley (w/a)
Oni Press

Will says: Becka has a crush on Kim from her university art history class and in her pursuit of love follows Kim to ask her out. With a burst of courage, a date is but a few words away. Unfortunately Kim is on her way to her (financially necessary) part-time job…as a reaper! Will Becka and Kim find love when surrounded by the underworld??

It was only two weeks ago I was raving about Sarah’s Pizza Witch and here we are with her new monthly series from Oni Press! Some of you might say I have a new obsession (and some of you might be right!) but it’s undeniable that anything with Sarah’s name on it is going to be all sorts of awesome. Kim Reaper is absolutely hilarious from start to finish and even amongst the supernatural craziness, there’s a very grounded and emotionally relatable story. I am helluva excited for the rest of this series.

Sorry?? Oh, cats you ask? Of course there are cats, this is a Sarah Graley book we’re talking about!